Meyer Family

I met up with the Meyer family recently on their local beach to capture a few moments of them together before baby number two’s arrival. ¬†Now ¬†although little Max was feeling under the weather he was an absolute champ throughout the session and even scored an ice-cream for all his efforts. Max also has the most amazing-wild-cute eyebrows I have ever seen.

2014-01-12_0001 2014-01-12_0002 2014-01-12_0003 2014-01-12_0004 2014-01-12_0005 2014-01-12_0006 2014-01-12_0007 2014-01-12_0008

This guy!? Amazing! 2014-01-12_0012 2014-01-12_0009 2014-01-12_0010 2014-01-12_0011


  1. love Max’s hair and eyebrows. Nice pics Lex.

  2. Christl Watt says:

    What a cute little guy – loving them brows!!! :)

  3. This kid is to cute, ice cream for the win :)
    Awesome pics

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