Haden-Smith family

Rob and Tams are awesome parentals and it was so lovely hanging out with them and their sweet and very obliging girls Lucy and Juliana.  They put up with me for a full 2 hours!

Look at these gorgeous girls!

Blog_001 Meet Lucy.

Blog_002 This is Juliana.

Blog_003 Blog_005 Blog_004 Blog_006 Blog_007 Blog_008 Blog_009 Blog_010 Blog_011 Blog_012 Blog_013 Can anyone say model!?

Blog_014 Blog_015 Blog_016 Blog_017 Blog_018 Blog_019 Blog_020 Blog_021 Blog_022 Blog_023 Blog_024 Blog_025 Blog_026 How cute is this little munchkin!!!?

Blog_027 Blog_028 Blog_029 Blog_030 Blog_031 Blog_032 Blog_033 Blog_034 Blog_035 Blog_036 Sunshine drive to the beach.

Blog_037 Blog_038 Blog_039 These two are flipping cool!

Blog_040 Blog_041 Blog_042 Blog_043

Then we had a little moment of being totally ‘over it’.

Blog_044 Blog_045 Blog_046 Back in the game.

Blog_047 Blog_048 Blog_049 Blog_050 Blog_051 Blog_052 Blog_053 Blog_054 Blog_055 Blog_056 Blog_058 Blog_059   Then a much needed hot chocolate treat to end off the day.

Blog_060 Blog_061


  1. Stunning photos of a very beautiful family…WOW!

  2. Christl Watt says:

    Beautiful, beautiful moments captured AGAIN, you clever lady!!! Stunning!! What stunning eyes do those girls have?! :)

  3. Oh my word these girls are too beautiful. Well done Lex awesome family pics.

  4. Amazing pics! Wow! Beautiful girls!

  5. Brilliant pics Lexie,well done

  6. Thanks for the comments ♥

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