Meredith and Jason

Jason and Meredith recently joined their South African families and Australian friends to make things official with their wedding at the Glades in the Midlands.

Their love story began when they were 15 and 16 years old in 2004, high school sweethearts from Thomas More College. They both grew up in Durban, South Africa and moved over to Australia in 2009 to continue their crazy adventure together. Jason and Meredith both love adventuring, travel, long beach days and special moments with friends and family near and far. Their biggest love is Rob, their fun-loving and very gorgeous rescue American Bulldog.  2016-09-05_0025 2016-09-05_0026 2016-09-05_0027 2016-09-05_0028 2016-09-05_0029 2016-09-05_0030 2016-09-05_0031 2016-09-05_0032 2016-09-05_0033 2016-09-05_0034 2016-09-05_0035 2016-09-05_0036 2016-09-05_0037

Meredith: “I love Jason’s attitude towards life, his positive and go-getter nature is infectious. He always makes me laugh and wakes up everyday with a smile on his face. Jason is the most supportive and loving person that I know and I feel so lucky to go through life with him.”

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Tell us about your proposal story?
“It was a beautiful summer day in Durban. Jason took me down to the beach front for afternoon cocktails. After a few cocktails we went for a walk down the beach. While we were sitting on the beach admiring the ocean, Jason got up on to one knee and popped the question. It was such a beautiful moment and one that will stay with me forever. My parents and my brother lived overseas at this time and had come down to Durban for a holiday. Jason had planned to propose while my family was out so that they could share in this moment with us along with Jason’s family.  Jason had planned a celebration with our families for that evening which was the cherry on top of a beautiful day. “

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Jason: “I love Merri’s supportive and caring nature. She has taught me so much about being a great human. I love her laugh and her smile and most of all her sense of humour. “

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Best parts of your wedding day?
“Wow where do we start, we had the most amazing day. It was honestly the best day of our lives surrounded by friends and family. One of the best moments was when I walked down the aisle to see my husband-to-be standing at the end looking so gorgeous in his tux. I was blown away. Our first kiss as husband and wife was a magical moment and it felt like a dream. When we walked into our reception barn hand-in-hand as husband and wife we felt the love, everyone was cheering and celebrating. It was so special. Hearing the words of our dads’ speeches and just how proud and happy they are of us was so moving and such a real moment. It was amazing. Jason’s speech was so heartfelt and made me feel proud that I get to call him my husband. It was so special for us to be able to share our wedding with my grandparents, Gogo and Granddad and Jason’s beautiful Nana who came over from the UK. The whole day and night was filled with laughter and lots of love!”

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What are you both excited about for your future together?

“We are excited to continue our Aussie adventure together. To love and learn from each other everyday with our fur baby Rob!”

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Why did you choose the Glades?

“We planned our wedding from Australia which made choosing a venue quite difficult. When we looked at photos of The Glades and weddings held there online, we fell in love instantly! The venue had an intimate and rustic family farm vibe that reminded us of weekends away with the family. We loved that we could have our ceremony, photos and reception in one beautiful setting. That barn is just to stunning! We wanted to have an outdoor ceremony that felt relaxed and personal. The stables were so perfect! Gabi was so amazing to work with! We went back and forth with emails for months talking about every little detail. Gabi did the most amazing breathtakingly beautiful job with the flowers and decor, she totally made my vision come to life!”

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Did anything funny happen on your day?

“Well, yes! I messed up my vows three times during the ceremony! I just could not get my words out. We all had a laugh about it.
When the band and the music started playing all the crazy funny dance moves began. We have a talented bunch of fam and friends! At the end of the night Jason and our friends started singing into the mic. It was like being at a karaoke concert, it was hilarious. “


Meredith’s bespoke wedding ring and Jason’s black Tungsten wedding ring- Chelsea Maloney from Bellabespoke,
Wedding dress- Tracey from Toujours Wedding House
Suits- Suit Yourself
Hair and Make up- Kendyl McPherson from Nixon Makeup
Nails by Lunula Nail Bar
Venue- The Glades Farm
Flowers and decor- Gabriela from The Glades Farm
Look up Vanilla House on Facebook
Videographer- James Peters
Celebrant- Jonathan Payne
Coffee for after the ceremony- Terbodore Coffee Roasters
Bar service- Sean from Midlands Bar Service
Catering- Jon from CHC Catering
Cakes- Taryn from Smith’s Bakeshop
Wedding stationary- menus, welcome sign and seating chart
Kim from Ruby + Swallow
Band- The Kickstands

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