Vintage fashion

Sometimes when we play outside of work, we get to try something new and feel inspired without the time constraints.  This was one of those sessions and all just for the fun of it.  I was fortunate to work with an amazing and talented team for this vintage fashion collaboration.  Thanks to all involved.  Happy Friday everyone ♥

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Blog_27 Blog_26 Blog_25 Blog_24 Blog_23 Blog_22 Blog_20 Blog_19 Blog_18 Blog_17 Designer: Chanelle Wright
Models: Tani Smith and Daena Chanel Beverly
Hair and make up: Lynnal McDonald and Candice Mills Matthee
Rosanne Young


  1. Beautiful pictures venues models outfits hair and makeup well done.
    I think this is an outstanding photo shoot.

  2. What beautiful poetry <3

  3. Beautiful scenes, beautiful models, beautiful picture words

  4. Just love the serenity of each picture. Well done .

  5. Incredible! Just amazing….wow

  6. Alexis this is absolutely beautiful!!!! LOVE each and every image. gorgeous, gorgeous and SO inspiring!!

  7. This is brilliant! Gorgeous models, interesting locations, very artistic compositions.

  8. My Dear Friend,

    Love the way you play. This is amazingly superb.

  9. Cindy Jones says:

    dreamy- to me this is perfect

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