Collaboration at Saint James

Recently I was  fortunate to be invited by fellow photographer ‘the awesome Elana Schilz‘  to join in on a collaboration showcasing beautiful designer dresses by Casey Jeanne.  I love working with other creatives in the industry, bouncing ideas and generally having a good laugh whilst doing it. St James provided the perfect location and the staff couldn’t be more helpful or friendly. Our gorgeous models were  Amber Konahos and Mumtaz Sophia Khan of Models International. Hair and makeup was done by ‘super talent’ Charelle McAllister.  Here are a few of my images from the session.

2014-01-13_0001 2014-01-13_0002 2014-01-13_0003 2014-01-13_0004 2014-01-13_0005 2014-01-13_0006 2014-01-13_0007 2014-01-13_0008 2014-01-13_0017 2014-01-13_0009 2014-01-13_0013 2014-01-13_0010 2014-01-13_0011 2014-01-13_0012 2014-01-13_0014 2014-01-13_0015 2014-01-13_0016 2014-01-13_0017

Models: Amber Konahos, Mumtaz Sophia Khan

Hair and Makeup: Charelle Cassie McAllister

Designer: Casey Jeanne

Venue: St James on Venice:


Then I had a little fun with some multiple exposure, the first city is Durban, South Africa, the second is in Italy – try guess the city :)

2014-01-13_0018 2014-01-13_0019


  1. Casey these pictures are beautiful.
    May God bless you.
    You have a awesome gift.

  2. Ah beautiful Lex.
    Thinking it might be Luca?

  3. Models check :), Pictures check check and the dress, wow….triple check!!! Incredible, everything :)

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