Casey Jeanne Jeannelle la Amour at Crystal Barn

We recently teamed up with an incredible fun-loving group of creatives at the unique and wonderful Crystal Barn (seriously do yourself a favour and go check this venue out now) to capture the amazing new offering from Casey Jeanne’s Jeannelle la Amour collection.  Every item made with love down to the finest details, it was an absolute treat to photograph these dresses.

Find the beautiful video here: Michelle Rabe you have outdone yourself as always <3


From the creative genius herself:

The collection had been something on my heart for quite some time and after much day-dreaming, planning and sketching, I finally launched the ‘Jeannelle la Amour’ wedding gown collection in the beginning of 2015.  The name ‘Jeannelle la Amour’ came about from a fusion between the existing ‘Casey Jeanne’ name, the French roots in my family tree, and the last part of a special name, of someone who is very close to my heart. Paired with the blissful notion of love, ‘Jeannelle la Amour’ was born.  As is with most firsts, it was a trial and error, incredible learning experience. With the added knowledge I have gained this past year, the 2016 season of wedding gowns have really turned into something quite magnificent. This is an ‘art meets fashion’ kind of story… the ‘Vogue’ bride that makes hearts skip beats. Combinations of hand-embroidery and tempura beading has become such a significant part of my work; paired with gorgeous, unusual fabrics and textures, each dress is something quite special.

2016-02-12_0002 2016-02-12_0003 2016-02-12_0005 2016-02-12_0006 2016-02-12_0007 2016-02-12_0008 2016-02-12_0009

Makeup done by insanely talented and one of the nicest people you will meet Charelle.

2016-02-12_0010 2016-02-12_0011 2016-02-12_0012 2016-02-12_0013 2016-02-12_0014 2016-02-12_0015 2016-02-12_0016 2016-02-12_0017 2016-02-12_0018 2016-02-12_0019


2016-02-12_0020 2016-02-12_0021 2016-02-12_0022 2016-02-12_0023 2016-02-12_0024 2016-02-12_0025 2016-02-12_0026 2016-02-12_0027 2016-02-12_0028 2016-02-12_0029 2016-02-12_0030 2016-02-12_0031 2016-02-12_0032 2016-02-12_0033 2016-02-12_0034 2016-02-12_0035 2016-02-12_0036 2016-02-12_0037 2016-02-12_0038 2016-02-12_0039 2016-02-12_0040 2016-02-12_0041 2016-02-12_0042 2016-02-12_0043 2016-02-12_0044 2016-02-12_0045 2016-02-12_0046 2016-02-12_0047 2016-02-12_0048

Our incredible Team below (including cute babies and their wonderful daddies to watch over them) as well as all the supportive partners:

Casey-Jeanne WaltersCharelle Cassie McAllister, Michelle RabeAmber ElizabethKimberly Dunstan-SmithSarah Cannon

Thank you also to Kate Bain and her team at Crystal Barn for hosting us, nothing was ever too much trouble for you – I think I speak for everyone when I say we all fell in love with your venue <3



  1. amazing work once again everyone!!! casey- these dresses are out of this world!! alexis- these photos are insane. mich… that video just put it altogether so perfectly!! well done!!!

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