Casey-Jeanne Durban July showcase


I always love working with Casey-Jeanne so when she contacted me to capture more of her Durban July collection I jumped at the opportunity!! These gorgeous outfits are to die for! Casey you are ridiculously talented!



In Casey’s words:

“I have been privileged over the years to be a part of the Vodacom Durban July in Some way. From being a part of the Young Designer Award, to winning the Gateway Young Recycled Designer Award, and then wining the Fashion Challenge. This year, I am honoured to have been selected as an Invited Designer for the Vodacom Durban July “The Big Screen” 2014.  My collection takes more of the Hollywood aspect of the theme with Game of Thrones being a key influence in design details.”


“First Look (Anneri): A figure hugging sequined gown with strong illusion detailing done by hand in the form of vines creeping around the body and fading into skin. The handmade headpiece compliments this ethereal look perfectly and is a more beautiful and un-literal play on a crown.”

2014-07-21_0005 2014-07-21_0011

2014-07-21_0007 2014-07-21_0009 2014-07-21_0010 2014-07-21_0015

“Second Look (Brett): Brett’s look is tailored and slick. The more contemporary influence comes through here. I wanted to have an uncluttered feel to this outfit and kept the detailing in the illusion vest.”

2014-07-21_0006 2014-07-21_0020


“Finale Look (Hughnique): This finale gown is quite majestic and grand but it still has a young innocence about it, which is key to this era.”

2014-07-21_0003 2014-07-21_0017 2014-07-21_0021 2014-07-21_0023 2014-07-21_0024

2014-07-21_0018 2014-07-21_0019 2014-07-21_0022 2014-07-21_0025 2014-07-21_0026

Designer: Casey Jeanne

Models (ICE Models):

Brett Wilson

Hughnique Cawood

Annerie Muller

Video: Michelle Rabe Videography

Make-up: Lisa Bailey

Hair: Claire from Blow Hair bar


  1. Wow! Excellent work. Absolutely STUNNING! Well done …. and keep it up

  2. Liz Clark says:

    Stunning work Alexis :) what location was this shot at?

  3. Blown away – very beautiful – Were these taken at the art museum in town ?

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