5 years ago today, on a Saturday while I was shooting a wedding, my dad left us to be with Jesus. Today my family and I will once again think about that day, shedding a little more of the pain with each year. We are now reminded instead of the good and fun life we were privileged to have shared with him and I thank God for that time.

We attended the memorial service of a 3 year old princess this past week and realized again just how short this life really is.  We don’t know how long we have with those we love, so let’s treasure the moments, don’t pass up an opportunity to tell them you love them.  Life is a beautiful and very precious gift.  Never be too proud to say I’m sorry or too busy to say goodbye.  Don’t take yourself too seriously. Give love, be kind, laugh often and take lots of photo’s.

This is my pops back in the day, the wild one.

This is one of my favs.  The traveller.  I wonder where this city is?

 These two below are from some of my recent travel trips, I am my fathers daughter.

Mom and dad in their ‘going away’ outfits on their wedding day ♥

Dad watching one of us bridge swing.

Remembered with love today,with grateful hearts for the time we had together.


  1. Ah Lex what a fabulous tribute to your dad. I am so grateful forn the 26 years we spent together and for my special gorgeous girls

  2. Agree with Kath, an amazing tribute to your Dad. What a great brother he was.

  3. Was holding it together till i had seen this :)
    So beautiful sis, well done, I love you loads.

  4. Kym Burmester says:

    wow..I just read this post and made my eyes tear….beautiful photos

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