Euro 2013 – Part II

Here’s what we got up to after Switzerland.  We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Italy and France.  This is a little overview, a bit of bike riding, ice-cream eating (ok a lot) and much sightseeing.  First stop Como.

blo_01 blo_02 My sister and her hubby ♥

blo_02a blo_03 blo_04 blo_05 Then onto Verona (this was a favourite for sure), Venice, Bologna and Florence.

blo_06 blo_07 blo_08 blo_09 blo_10 blo_11 blo_12 blo_13 ….and my very best, Lucca ♥

blo_14a blo_15 blo_16 blo_17 blo_18 blo_19 blo_20 blo_21 Then we met this guy and his dog and tried his most excellent soup!!! Soup in Town, best soup ever!  True story. Is it just me or does he look like Daniel Day Lewis?

blo_22 blo_23 blo_24 Road tripping into France via the Alps.

blo_25 blo_26 blo_27 Picturesque, beautiful French town of Annecy ♥

blo_28 blo_29 blo_30 blo_31 blo_32 blo_33 blo_33a blo_34 blo_35 blo_36 blo_37 blo_38 blo_39


  1. Kirsten says:

    Sister you are just amazing, talented, beautiful and I love you!!!
    Your pictures warm my heart.

  2. Very cool Lex!!!

  3. What awesome pics!

  4. Ah Lex amazing talent well done.

  5. Christl Watt says:

    So, so, SO! beautiful!! :) I LOVE your work, girl!

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