Stefan and Michaela

I absolutely adored working with Michaela and Stefan at their special wedding day held at the beautiful Glades.  Perfectly matched and full of fun these two make a great team and it was a treat to spend the day with them and their family and friends who came out to celebrate the union of a Swede and South African. Here’s to your long and happy future together guys <3

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The venue

“We looked at a couple venues where friends had been married, and The Glades stood out by miles. It was exactly what we were looking for- beautiful, welcoming, private- the thought of getting married under those trees overlooking the rolling Midlands hills was just a dream- and the reality was better than we could have ever hoped- truly perfect!”

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Michaela what do you love about Swede?

“Swede is the most genuine, kind and generous person that I know. He is so funny, and makes me laugh all the time, and he laughs easily too. He has the greatest laugh! I love his work ethic- whether it’s at work or at home, he takes pride in what he does. He cares about his family and friends so much- I love that about him. He is honestly the most amazing person I know- he’s my best friend and I feel so blessed to be his wife- I know that I’ll always be loved and cherished by him.”

What I also love about Swede

“OK, don’t get me started on Swede’s pecks and guns!”

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The Proposal

“The weekend Swede proposed, we stayed at Granny Mouse in the Midlands. I got so sick for most of the weekend and only just recovered by Sunday morning, thanks to Stefan cold clothing my forehead and looking after me. He suggested we go for a picnic in the Dargle, but as if the weekend hadn’t already been dramatic enough, upon arrival we were informed that it was horsefly season, and that we should be cautious. We still took a chance and walked to find the camp site until we had sufficiently shouted at each other enough, whilst under horsefly attack, to convince Stefan to make the call to leave and go back to Granny Mouse. Finally, things looked up- we sat by the river under a willow, and with not one horsefly in sight, Swede said, “Sometimes things don’t go as you plan, but as long as I’m with you it doesn’t matter.” And, of course, “Will you marry me?”. We had said this to each other before in our silly way (because we are so cute like that haha) so I just said that of course I would, not knowing if it was the actual proposal- I had had my suspicions earlier, but when the picnic was unpacked, there was no ring box shaped item to be seen. Then he said, “That comes with a ring you know” and took my beautiful engagement ring out of his pocket. I think I just made high pitched noises at point. It was so us- the whole weekend, the whole day, I couldn’t have wished for a better story- horseflies and all.”

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Swede what do you love about Michaela?

“As Michaela said we met at work and instantly found each other and quickly became good friends. Michaela is a very honest and authentic person and she always has time for her family and friends and she really has a heart of gold. She is caring and has good values and she is serious when needed. From time to time she is really silly which always makes me laugh so much. I love spending time with her and I feel very lucky being married to my best friend. In addition to all this and I am not going to lie, when I first met Michaela I also thought she had the cutest bum ever :)”

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The dress.

“My friend, Ode, took me to the shop she bought her wedding dress from in the UK, and I found mine there- it was the lace that I saw first- I love that lace! I asked the designer to add sleeves- I love the vintage feel of a long sleeve dress. Stefan actually bought his tailor made tweed suit from a shop in the town where Ode and her then fiancé, now husband, Craig live- we spent a lot of time drinking Aperol spritzes and wine at their house during these wedding outfitting trips!”

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Michaela- The highlight of the day for me was the actual ceremony. I was so happy to finally be up there holding Swede’s hands and marrying him in front of all the people that we love- it was an amazing moment in time.

Stefan- I agree, it was such a magical day and especially the ceremony when I turned around and saw Michaela for the first time dressed in her wedding gown walking down the aisle.

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2016-07-11_0110 How did you meet?

“We met when I joined a yacht that Stefan was already working on, and became friends in no time- I pretty much eyed him out from the first day. He works in an IT office on board and I honestly printed so many unnecessary documents to his printer so that I could have an excuse to visit him throughout the day. (If anyone from work is reading this, I used it as scrap paper I promise!)”

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Future Plans

“We’re back at work at sea, and, honestly, our biggest future plan for now is enjoying our new house on our next holiday- drinking tea in bed whilst looking out to sea. Maybe plan a honeymoon :)”

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Venue & Co-ordinator: The Glades Gabi Mckenzie

Decor & Flowers  Vanilla House

Catering: Hamlins Catering

DJ: The Wedding DJ, Brendon Funnell aka DJ Benny & Steven Heyns

Marriage Officer: Dream Ceremonies, Beulah Haasbroek

Transport: Colin Melville   In Style Group

Hair & Makeup: Jaqcui Trinder

Dress: Sassi Holford, British Designer


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