Philip and Lynnal

Meet Lynnal and Phil, these guys are awesome!  Lynnal is an insanely talented make up artist and just the most beautiful person – inside and out.  She is humble, kind and the type of person you just love straight away when meeting her.  I met Phil for the first time at the shoot, he is confident, calm and so funny!  They were both so comfortable and natural together and an absolute dream to work with.

2014-01-30_0001 2014-01-30_0002 2014-01-30_0003

How did you meet and fall in love? “Our earliest recollection of each other was sharing a microphone while singing together in a Sunday school Christmas production as little kids. We hadn’t seen each other in years and reconnected in January 2013 after I (Lynnal) returned from a 9 week working holiday in India. Phil, being the well travelled person that he is, contacted me to find out about the trip. This sparked dialogue and a friendship began. We both were not interested in being in a relationship, and were adamant that we were “just friends,” but the more we hung out the more we found ease and contentment in each others’ company.”

What did each of you think when you first locked eyes?

“He’s actually quite wonderful.”

“Shoo, she’s nice!”

2014-01-30_0004 2014-01-30_0005 Phil is a fireman and actor and generally just a great guy – we took a few pics with him and his gear. You can watch Phil currently involved in Survivor South Africa, (Sunday nights).  Jeepers!!! How cool are you right now Phil, we are rooting for you!!! Go #TeamPhil!!!

2014-01-30_0006 2014-01-30_0007 2014-01-30_0008

When did you know this was love?

“I knew that it was love a week after we started dating. I cared deeply for Phil as a friend and that was growing rapidly.

“I spent a lot of time with her, and the more time we spent together, the more I learnt about her. I thought “this one is worth it. This is the one. I might actually be in love.”

2014-01-30_0009 2014-01-30_0010 2014-01-30_0011 2014-01-30_0012 2014-01-30_0013 2014-01-30_0014 2014-01-30_0015 2014-01-30_0016

What do you enjoy doing as a couple?

“Everything. Cooking, eating, watching movies, walking on the beach. Anything really.”

“She’s witty and we connect.”

2014-01-30_0017 2014-01-30_0018 2014-01-30_0019 2014-01-30_0020 A little outfit change.  How gorgeous is Lynnal’s white dress!?

2014-01-30_0022 2014-01-30_0023 2014-01-30_0024 2014-01-30_0025 2014-01-30_0026 2014-01-30_0027 2014-01-30_0028 2014-01-30_0029 Finishing off with a fun flare – went off without a hitch!  Thanks to fireman Phil :)

Check out this amazing video of our session by the talented Michelle Rabe videography:



  1. Incredible shoot!!! What amazing light!!! Beautiful work as usual xxx

  2. Absolutely STUNNINGGGGG!! Everything is perfect. Flawless.
    Love you guys xx

  3. Beautiful couple, Phil aka Dickson as he is better known at work, (Ethekwini Fire)is a great guy. Wish him all the best, well done Dickson.

  4. These two are insanely good looking, incredible setting! Your pictures are crazy gorgeous.

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