Nicky and Dave

Today we meet Nicky and Dave.

2014-02-04_0020 These love birds met at Wits Business School and did the same Post Grad degree. Nicky:  “Dave used to sit in the row in front of me.”


When did you know it was love? Dave:When I went back to her house the day after I’d been chased away by her Mother with threats of violence….long story,  but I knew there was something special otherwise I would’ve had a perfect excuse to never go back.” Nicky: “We were in denial for a while, tried to convince people that we were “just friends”. I realized after about 6 months that we had spent almost every day together and I couldn’t imagine being without him.

Dave tell us about Nicky. What do you love about her? “She is pretty stubborn and is used to getting her way, she was a laat-lammetjie so she was a little spoiled :) but she has a big heart and loves her family and friends. She’s very loyal to the people in her circle and doesn’t take kindly to people being ugly to them. She’s very intelligent and can pretty much do anything! I Love her because she has always gotten my sense of humour and lets me be myself (within reason). Spending time with her never feels like a long time. We’ve been together for 5 years but I could swear it’s only been 2! We don’t waste much time fighting, generally when we fight its more me pulling her leg to get a reaction than actual fighting.
Nicky tell us about Dave. What do you love about him?  “Dave is the most honest person I know – sometimes too honest! I love that I can trust him with anything and he will never let me down. Most importantly he really makes me laugh and is fun to be around –  makes it much easier to spend your life with someone when every day is fun!”
What do you love to do together as a couple? Nicky: “Rugby – I watch it, Dave plays it , we don’t always agree on which team to support though :) We enjoy watching comedy, live and on TV. We both enjoy a bottle of wine and good food. We love trying new places.” Dave: ” drink wine…. Go for nice dinners…..cook, I like cooking with her. Not sure if she likes it though. …..watching rugby…… :)

Ah huge shout out to Rowan Mallon and the fantastic team over at the Factory Cafe! Thank you for being so accommodating and friendly, nothing was too much to ask. If you are looking for some of the very best coffee in town, I would highly recommend you head on over to this amazing and unique place!


  1. Love the story.
    Pics are stunning.

  2. The enthusiasm is awesome between these two. Smiles all round, happiness!!!

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