Love at – 6°

We recently visited beautiful Switzerland again – this time in Winter – more blogs on that to follow.  I got to photograph my cousin and her husband on a snowy day in sub zero temperatures.  They were absolute troopers, never complaining and up for anything with bright smiles on their faces.  We love you guys to bits and pieces.

P&S_001 P&S_002 P&S_003 P&S_004 P&S_005 P&S_006 P&S_007 P&S_008 P&S_009 P&S_010 P&S_011 P&S_012 P&S_013 P&S_014 P&S_015 P&S_016 P&S_017 P&S_018 P&S_019 P&S_020 P&S_021 P&S_022 P&S_023 P&S_024 P&S_025 P&S_026 P&S_027 P&S_028 P&S_029 P&S_030 P&S_031


  1. Christl Watt says:

    Oh Lex, I soooo wish I could come and work with you for a bit to learn from the best! You’re a genius – these are so incredibly beautiful!! Love, love, love!!!

  2. Thanks so much sweet lady, you are so kind ♥

  3. What can I say Lex, you are amazing. What beautiful photos. Something to cherish forever. lots love Pie.

  4. Thanks Pie, miss you ♥

  5. Wow these pics are amazing you are very talented Lex.

  6. Well done Lex (and Ray…Mr. 2nd shooter)!!!! These photo’s are incredible, you have an amazing talent!
    To my gorgeous cuzzy and Pada….HOT HOT HOT. :)

  7. Thanks Kirk ♥

  8. Wow… ama-flippen-balls!

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