Keenan and Melissa e-session

Melissa moved to South Africa, from California, after visiting 15 times (in 11 years). She fell in love with the bush when she was a young girl and then fell in love with her bush-loving fiancé later.

Keenan and Melissa have had a pretty exciting life together so far – I could listen to their stories all day! Keenan has had a scary run-in with a spitting cobra and whilst diving, Melissa had a really close encounter with a shark. Together they have experienced  torrential downpours, savage monkey attacks, tent malfunctions, awesome game viewing and survived intact, stronger and more in love than they started.

I had so much fun with these two bush babies and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next October.

  2013-10-03_0024 2013-10-03_0001 We found a cave as you do in these parts :)

2013-10-03_0019 2013-10-03_0008 2013-10-03_0002 2013-10-03_0005 2013-10-03_0009 2013-10-03_0010 You see that waterfall in the background (below)? Seriously how amazing is the scenery in our country?


Keenan proposed to Melissa on a joint family camping trip to Kruger last Christmas. He took her to Mathekanyane granite hills near Skukuza which is Melissa’s favorite spot in the entire world (it overlooks the bushveld as far as the eye can see) and proposed while they admired the view.  Go Keenan!!!

2013-10-03_0012 2013-10-03_0013 2013-10-03_0021

 Um seriously how beautiful are you right now Melissa!?

2013-10-03_0022 2013-10-03_0014 Pic below left – these guys sitting in a tree that’s hanging over a cliff edge – no fear! How awesome is the tree though right!? Great find you guys!!

This shot below:  50mm, f1.4 – I kinda love it (a lot). 2013-10-03_0023

2013-10-03_0015 2013-10-03_0020 Time for a little outfit change in keeping with the true bush theme :)

2013-10-03_0017 2013-10-03_0018 2013-10-03_0027 …and then of course a true bush experience is not complete without SUNDOWNERS!!!
2013-10-03_0025 2013-10-03_0026 2013-10-03_0028


  1. Christl Watt says:

    Oh wow!! How stunning are these?? :) Wonderful, wonderful pics!! :)

  2. Aboslutely gorgeous pics Alexis – cant stop scrolling through them! Melissa and Keenan – you two are so lovely…

  3. Oh my word beautiful pictures in an absolutely awesome setting. Well done Lex.

  4. Incredible!! Love this setting!!

  5. Awesome setting, very very cool. Well done Lex, fantastic pictures.

  6. Thank you for sharing – wow, absolutely stunning. What a beautiful couple. Great photographer.

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