Justin and Megs engaged

 I absolutely loved these two,  they were a laugh a minute and I can’t wait for their wedding day.  Here is the proposal story in Justin’s words:

So I picked up the ring on a Thursday afternoon, after telling Megs for those previous few weeks that I just didn’t have the money to pay off the ring, so she would have to wait a while.

I was walking around for two days, with the ring box in my pocket, ensuring Megs didn’t walk on the side with the ring in the pocket so she wouldnt notice it.  I tried to arrange a picnic at Emmarentia Dam for us on the Saturday morning, but Megs wasn’t keen.  I had to keep the ring in my pocket for another day, there just wasnt a safe place to put the ring without Megs being nosey and finding it.

So eventually, on Sunday morning, I put my foot down, and demanded we have a picnic.  To which she finally agreed, reluctantly.

The weather was superb, absolutely beautiful sun shining on the long green lawn.  After a lovely lunch with wine, cheese and crackers she lay her head down on my leg.  At this point I took the ring out my pocket, and placed it next to me on the blanket.

Megs complained the sun was bright and hurting her eyes, at that stage I opened the ring, and put the ring in front of her eyes to block the sun.  It took a second or two for Megs to realise what was happening.  I got down on one knee, and asked her to be my wife.  She was so excited she couldn’t decide between saying “Yes” and “No”. But the ultimate answer was a resounding, tear-filled “Yes”.

A minute or two later, we were completely surrounded by massive, dark storm clouds, lightning and rain, except the spot where we were sitting.  Just a beam of sun, through the clouds, shining down on just us, complimented by a rainbow in the distance.

A dream end to the best moment our lives so far.


  1. Carla Rouse says:

    Alexis.. I absolutely love your work… I was the make up artist at Derek and Tessa’s wedding, and a recently quaified photographer myself. (Photography institute) Their pictures are amazing.. all your work is! Are you based in Pietermaritzburg? If so, would you please remember me for referrals for make up for brides?

    I have so much to learn… I will keep following your blog. Looking at your work inspires me and probably will teach me so much. Give me a shout if you might ever need an assistant for any shoot!

    Sincerely Carla Rouse


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