Dylan and Niki couple session


Dylan and Niki are an awesome couple! They are fun, relaxed and they absolutely adore each other!  We met up recently to photograph their couple session just after Dylan returned from England to be with Niki before their big wedding.  Long distance relationships are nobody’s favourite, but it definitely creates a unique appreciation for one another and as they say ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder!’ These two have an amazing connection and it was a treat to spend the afternoon frolicking in the sunshine with them.

2014-06-12_0043 2014-06-12_0044 2014-06-12_0045 2014-06-12_0046 2014-06-12_0050 2014-06-12_0053

2014-06-12_0047 2014-06-12_0048 2014-06-12_0049 2014-06-12_0051 2014-06-12_0052 2014-06-12_0054


  1. Aaas, thanks Lex! These are awesome!! :)

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