Don and Ash couple session

Today we meet the gorgeous Don and Ash.  These legends were amazingly patient with me and so flexible as we waited for perfect weather to capture their couple session.  In the end it was totally worth it, so thank you so much guys!!  You are awesome!! The incredibly gifted Michelle Rabe captured the session so beautifully on video, check it out here: – seriously amazing work!!! (This video/photo combo is what the winning couple of our Valentines Day competition can look forward to.  Don’t forget to enter.)


Ash is a qualified teacher, works in promotions and also does some modeling when she finds the time – talented lady!! Don travels a lot as an Engineering Sales Rep but is also the drummer for SA band “Red Light Stereo”.  These guys live life to the fullest and are so fun!!


2014-02-06_0002 2014-02-06_0003 2014-02-06_0004 2014-02-06_0005 2014-02-06_0006 2014-02-06_0007 2014-02-06_0008 2014-02-06_0009 2014-02-06_0011  How did you guys meet? “We were at a Bar and we noticed each other and did not take our eyes off of each other the whole night.  He sent me a drink from across the bar.  We did not speak and I left 10 minutes later (probably leaving Don quite disappointed ha ha) but I found him on facebook the next day.  We started chatting, and eventually went out on our first date and we have been together ever since.”

2014-02-06_0012 A quick outfit change and we headed for a rooftop with a city view.  The light was dreamy and hardly any wind – pretty perfect.  I love the outfits Don and Ash chose –  so glam!!!  You both looked incredible!!!

2014-02-06_0013 2014-02-06_0014 2014-02-06_0020 2014-02-06_0021 2014-02-06_0022  Ash what did you think when you first saw Don?  “When I first saw him I thought he was absolutely gorgeous and wouldn’t mind having him in my life.”

2014-02-06_0015 2014-02-06_0016 2014-02-06_0017 Don what did you think when you first saw Ash? “When I first saw Ash, I thought she was beautiful and I knew I wanted to get to know her.”

2014-02-06_0018 2014-02-06_0019  When did you both know it was love?  “Funnily enough, I knew I was in love only after a few dates.  He was just so perfect for me.  Don felt exactly the same.”

2014-02-06_0023 2014-02-06_0024 2014-02-06_0025 2014-02-06_0026 2014-02-06_0027 2014-02-06_0028 2014-02-06_0029 2014-02-06_0030 2014-02-06_0031  What do you like to do together as a couple?  “We love just being around each other and chilling with our kitten and watching DVDs.  We also love going to the beach and being out and about with our friends.”

2014-02-06_0032 2014-02-06_0033 2014-02-06_0035 2014-02-06_0036  Ash what do you love about Don?  “Don is such an amazing person and so easy to love.  He works hard and trains hard.  He makes me laugh, even when he’s made me mad.  He really is just so perfect that it is almost indescribable.”

2014-02-06_0037 2014-02-06_0038  Don what do you love about Ash? “Ash is the full package – smart, funny and beautiful. I love all the small things she does for me and seeing her smile and be happy makes me even more happy. I love waking up next to her – shes the most beautiful in the morning.”

2014-02-06_0040 2014-02-06_0041 2014-02-06_0042 2014-02-06_0043


  1. What a stunning couple and what stunning pics.
    This is an amazing shoot.

  2. these are amazing Lex! Case x

  3. This is an unbelievably and superb example of ‘execution’ in a series of photographs like these. You burst at the seams with talent and being able to make every image a winner. The pressure is on now as I will be watching you, haha! Well done Alexis, this is eye candy for me :)

  4. this is the most loving photographs ever the couple tension makes the camera love them and makes the views feel their love from a distance and its so beautiful i love it

  5. Kirsten says:

    These pics are truly WOW! Awesomely good looking couple and equally amazing pics :)

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