Dan and Sim


Introducing Dan and Sim…

Simone first met Dan at a beach front parking lot to follow him to a mutual friends fancy dress party. The theme was “worst dressed” – a memorable first meeting indeed :) Needless to say there were many more future get togethers down at the beach front.  Sim would chill on the beach while Dan surfed, or ride her bike, while Dan carved at the skate park.

Sim loves to dance, bright colours, flowers, child-like things (candyfloss, ice-cream, toffee-apples, funfair rides, balloons) and they both LOVE the beach (hence the Oyster box for a wedding venue). Dan loves the sea and surfing, and he loves playing guitar, skateboarding, rugby, and doing boylike things (climbing trees, jumping off things etc).

With all this in mind it seemed only right to head on back to where it all happened and relive some of the love.

I love engagement shoots! It is such a special time in a couple’s life and I feel privileged to share in some of that pre-wedding fun. We had fun down at the beach front and they were so relaxed and comfortable with each other. You guys are delightful! ♥


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