Andrew and Caitlin e-session

These two are just the ‘nicest-salt-of-the-earth’ kind of couple and it was lovely spending a chilled afternoon with them on their farm.

This is from Caitlin on how Andrew proposed: “Andrew woke me up at 6am on Sunday 29th May and asked me to come with him to our soon-to-be new farm home.  I wasn’t too keen, as we had had a late night the night before as well as a long trip home.  He did however promise me a cook up breakfast on our return so I obliged.  When he drove up to the gate and opened it, I thought something might be going on because he hadn’t really taken me to see it properly before.  He opened the door for me and told me to go into the lounge.   He had set it all up with champagne and a photo of us he keeps by his bed.  I turned around with tears in my eyes at which point he pulled the ring box out and asked me to marry him.  Then we sat in our lounge for about an hour just the two of us, enjoying the moment.”

I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding in Jan.  Enjoy ♥

This is the house where Andrew proposed ♥

We also shot a few table number pictures to go on their guests tables.


  1. Love personified. Absolutely love love love <3

  2. Isn’t Caitlin just the most gorgeousestest?? Lex, so happy you’ll be shooting their wedding, see you in January :D

  3. Stunning! <3

  4. Alexis Diack says:

    Thanks for all the comments ♥♥♥

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