Switzerland – Winter wonderland

Switzerland is a true beauty and looks equally amazing in both Winter and Summer time.  I honestly can’t say which season I prefer, they both have their own unique magic and charm.

There were so many highlights on this trip: Visiting family, learning to snowboard, tobogganing, cheese fondue , driving in a snow blizzard,  open air ice skating, carnival and oompah bands, hot roasted chestnuts and watching big beautiful snow flakes falling.

Euro13_01 Euro13_02 Euro13_03 Euro13_04 We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in their beautiful cabin on the Dallenwil mountain side.  It snowed on the very first morning ♥  This is my sister and her hubby on that morning… how can you tell they are South African’s? Just look at those smiles!!


Euro13_05 Euro13_06 Euro13_07 Euro13_08 Walking dogs in the snow at sunrise ♥

Euro13_09 Looking a little chilly. Euro13_10 Euro13_31

Euro13_11 Euro13_12 Snow shoveling ‘like a boss!’

Euro13_13 Euro13_14 Fasnacht carnival time

Euro13_15 Euro13_16 Euro13_17 Euro13_18 Lucerne day trip and roasted chestnuts ♥ Euro13_19 Euro13_20 Euro13_21 Euro13_22 Euro13_23 Euro13_24 Euro13_25

Pilatus sunset.

Euro13_26 Euro13_029 Euro13_28 Euro13_30 Euro13_32


  1. Penelope Alison says:

    It is SO wonderful to see you putting your exceptional talent to personal use! What a wonderful holiday and beautiful photos to share!

  2. This is absolutely stunning Lex!!!
    Thank you for sharing….i want to go back tomorrow :)

  3. Lex, you have captured so many beautiful moments……have`nt laughed so much in a long time. Come back NOW…..all of you. By the way…. the snow can go now, Completely gatvol. love ya.

  4. Pie I forgot about the cards! What a laugh!!! Wish we could come back tomorrow! ♥

  5. Wow Lex amazing pics you really have captured life in Switzerland.

  6. I know I say the same thing here all the time, but AMAZE-BALLS!!! Love the one of Harley – love that dog!!

  7. Christl Watt says:

    bee-eee-aay-youu-tea-full!!! Soooooooooo lovely to see these shots!!! Wow…gotta get there sometime witt me OWN cam!!! ;) Thanks for sharing these pics!! :)

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