Switzerland part 2

Switzerland in summer time: the land of cheese, chocolate and churches where one town seamlessly merges into the next.  A place with colourful flower ordained window boxes and postcard perfect scenery.  The country incorporates everything from modern cities to ancient villages, pristine lakes and regal snow capped mountains.  It’s a patriotic land where the red and white flag abounds, cows wear bells and the sun only sets around 9pm.  It’s clean and you can literally set your watch to the train times :) I arrived just in time for the Swiss National day celebrations.

I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in their gorgeous wooden cabin on a hillside over looking the small town of Dallenwil.  This is pretty much the best rainbow I have ever seen.

Pie and Werns, you guys are legends!  Thanks for all your generosity, the laughs and good times ♥ I love you biiiig!!!

The Dallenwill church.

Riding a ‘ting ting’ bike to the shops for fresh bread,cheese etc was such a highlight.  With goodies in the basket, I would munch on a salami stick all the while pedaling back home over narrow tarred field roads that were crisscrossed by high speed railway tracks.

Stans the nearest biggish town.

So many mountains, so many tunnels…..(Pie the pic on the right is just for you ;)

Hiking was also such a highlight, thanks Werns!

Visiting the beautiful city of Lucerne.

…..And then these crazy cool people took me downhill mountain biking  ♥♥  We drove there in an old school van, I felt like a cast member from “That 70’s Show” Thanks Yvonne, Yves and Roland – Epic day!

When we got to Flims (winter time skiing mecca), I got given a motorbike helmet, we rode two cable cars to the top of a mountain and then I knew for sure I was about to die!!!

Waiting for me….

We made it out alive, can you handle!? :) We then visited the picturesque alpine city of Chur

This church reminds me of Nacho Libre for some reason :)

Visiting Interlaken and Unterseen.

Ballenberg a very interesting museum – they also make chocolate here :)

Oh we met a real deal cheese farmer Andres (his friends call him Dres) on our hike in the mountains (go figure) and he told us to come back and visit him again when he would actually be making the cheese – so we agreed, naturally of course :) Yay!!! Can you handle those rosy cheeks!!

Farmer hands ♥

Steam engine ferry cruise ♥


  1. what beautiful pics! Can’t wait to have you back here again. Love seeing you in some of the pics.

  2. Stunning Lex!!!
    Switzerland is breathtaking…looks like it was an amazing holiday, just LOVE.

  3. Wow, great pics!

  4. Oh my word, I travelled around with you and all my senses have been awakened. Thank you for sharing this magical journey of yours. You are so incredible with the lens, love x

  5. I met that cheese making dude. Big hands !

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