Rhys Matthews newborn session

Welcome to the world Rhys!  It was so great to meet you ♥

How gorgeous is this little guy?!

Bron and Dug, you guys are the coolest parents!

This little rabbit below is a longstanding resident of the complex – he gets fed carrots just because he’s cute.  He’s eating Bron and Dug’s plants right there, but seriously you can’t do anything wrong when you’re that cute!  Look at that tail!!!

‘Rhys Matthews’ – the heart breaker.


  1. Heather Stanton says:

    What beautiful photo’s I cannot wait to meet Rhys. May all of God blessings be with the three of you. Much Love Heather & Andy xxx

  2. Hey little dude, can’t wait to come over and meet you hopefully sometime soon! It will be all SuperTubes, sandcastles and Wimpy breakfasts!

    Have fun with that bunny !

    Big cuz josie x

  3. AAAHHHH Bronwen! What a gorgeous little man you have! Congrats! May this ‘Little bit of heaven’ bring you much love and joy for all your years to come. God bless. Love Cecile

  4. michelle says:

    Congratulations and what stunning pics. Enjoy your beautiful baby!

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