My Swiss Family part 1

Unfortunately I couldn’t  make it over for my cousin’s wedding, so when we were Skyping one day and Sam asked me to be godmother to her soon to be born baby Brian, I just knew I had to get over there!  Within a week we managed to organize the visa and flight and I was on my way!  I spent part of my time with my aunt and uncle (more on that later) and part with my cousin and her family.  Here are just a few snaps from my stay.  I absolutely adore these guys!!
 How amazing are Emmas lashes!!?

The cuteness that is Brian! Love this face.

Special times for granny’s birthday ♥

Grandpa kisses.

Playing house with granny.

Emma and granny in the sandpit ♥

Emma with her great granny! She’s in her 80’s and looks amazing!!


It’s fun to be a kid ♥

Ah Switzerland in summer time ♥


  1. Absolutely gorgeous gorgeous stuff Alexis! Can you come spend a week with my family now :D Love these

  2. Hey Lex! Man love the pics, they’re absolutely amazing!!! Talented cuz I have, yikes! Love

  3. Lex, all I can say is wow!!!! Thanks for coming, thanks for the laughs and thanks for all the good times we had together. THANKS also for making Granny and Grandpa look relatively decent. Love ya beautiful neice.

  4. Oh I see I made a mistake…. Pie says…..sorry.

  5. Absolutely amazing!!! Such happy memories captured by the most talented photographer. Miss you soooo much already.

  6. Thanks for the comments :) To the Kellers and the Schmitters love you guys big time ♥♥

  7. Giselle Ferreira says:

    Whenever I’m having a particularly sad day, I find myself gravitating towards your website and I’m sure to leave smiling. These photos put some sunshine into my heart today. Thank you.

  8. Thanks so much for your comment Giselle ♥ We all need a little sunshine today in rainy Durban that’s for sure ♥

  9. Beautiful pictures, gorgeous family!!!
    Wow, well done Lex and super well done to the Kellers and Schmitters… some damn good genes running in your family! Love ya all BIG TIME.

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