Bollay maternity

We had originally planned to shoot on the beach with the Bollay family but had to move  to the studio due to bad weather.  Despite the cold and rain Melanie and her family were upbeat and delightful to work with.


  1. Bruce Bollay says:

    The pictures are beautiful, Alexis! Thanks :)

  2. Halene Bollay Webster says:

    Stunning! Cannot wait for my niece :-))

  3. Robyn Thekiso says:

    They’re gorgeous!! Well done… we’re looking forward to the arrival of the newest Bollay :-)

  4. Shaldon Magurno says:

    I think the Pictures are great! I thought that we were getting another boy?

  5. Kirsty Mackrory says:

    Beautiful!!!! Mel you guys look AMAZING!!!!!

  6. Russel + Leigh says:

    Too gorgeous, absolutely stunning, yourl are a good looking family, cant wait until the new addition arrives….love yourl lots

  7. Thanks Guys. Alexis thanks for the beautiful pics… You are truly talented!!

  8. Karen Naidoo says:

    I love these pics .. stunning ..

  9. Bradley Harris says:

    Youll look stunning………bruce looking pregnat also in 1 2 pics…….lol

  10. Bruce Bollay says:

    Bradley William Philip Harris how dare you type such rubbish. It is the angle that the shots were taken.

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