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Hi Robyn, tell us a bit about yourself?  “I moved to Durban after matriculating in 2000; and an incredible adventure began as I studied nursing at UKZN.  After studying I practiced as a midwife in Durban before venturing to London for just under two years and then on to New Delhi, India.  India changes you and they say ‘it gets in your veins’. I have been back every year since leaving and I don’t think I will ever stop returning; it’s like I left a piece of my heart there.”


2014-01-16_0002 “Whilst in India, my awareness of exploitation and modern day slavery became greater and on returning to South Africa, my desire to get involved with working in counter trafficking work and prevention and restoration began.”

2014-01-16_0003 What do you do now?  “I volunteer for Red Light Anti Human trafficking initiative ( in Durban.  I work directly with survivors of human trafficking and women at risk (women leaving the red light areas) in seeing their identity and destiny restored.  One of the things we do, is create economic opportunities for them and facilitate their individual destinies. The ladies are currently making jewelry out of fallen nature (bark from the fever tree) for the ‘Ruth Range’.”


2014-01-16_0006 “I also work as a research consultant for organizations such as Zoe-Life and Tear Fund on various evaluations and studies regarding child HIV testing, breastfeeding support and sexual violence. I also am in the process of doing my doctorate in Nursing with a focus on aftercare for human trafficking survivors.”

2014-01-16_0004 2014-01-16_0005 What gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning? What inspires you? “I get excited about being able to be a partner in what God is doing in this world.  It is a huge privilege to work with the broken and hopeless and see them set free and restored. To see the women I work with blossoming in to incredible women of destiny who know who they are in God.”

What projects are you currently involved in?  “Red Light also has an awareness program in the schools, and night outreach in the red light areas.”
What is your vision for the year ahead? “I hope that 2014 will see the women we currently working with, in full time work or studying.  To see more women added to the restoration program and to see more people in our communities partnering with us to end human trafficking and exploitation of people.”

2014-01-16_0007 2014-01-16_0008

How can people get involved? “In order for Red Light to continue the work in countering human trafficking and its consequences; the following is required:
Volunteers are needed for the following:
  • Learner lights, to train in local schools,universities, communities and businesses.
  • Night Lights, to accompany the teams on night outreaches.
  • To assist with the restoration program Inkululeko.
  • To assist once a week with workshops,  markets throughout the year.
  • Volunteers with skills can assist the women in the program with skills, business skills and mentoring.
  • Red Light Business Network
  • Businesses can network with Red Light which will facilitate the placement of women who are in the restoration program in employment and be reintegrated in society with a sustainable living opportunity and allow restoration of destiny.
  • Any training, experience that businesses or entrepreneurs can offer to assist Red Light are needed.

Resources needed:

  • Second hand clothes in good condition can be donated which are given to the women in our program to earn additional income.
  • Toiletries are also welcome and are given to women that graduate from the first phase rehabilitation program.
  • Finances: Red Light currently has no sustainable funding and depends on individual donors.  The Inkululeko project is hoped to be sustainable and allow Red Light to continue its work with paid staff. Any form of financial assistance is greatly appreciated to finance Red Lights’s continued work.”

2014-01-16_0011 2014-01-16_0010

Two things about you that would surprise people? “I stuck a bead up my nose when I was 3 and I needed surgery to remove it!  I used to have tantrums when I was a child, I would actually make myself faint.”

Dream travel destination? “I would love to go to Ethiopia :)”

What do you love to do when you have some down time?  “Paint, to have a cup of tea with close friends.”



  1. Robyn you are a real light in this dark world. You are making such a difference. May God bless your dreams abundantly as you head into the amazing destiny He has planned for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing Lex.
    We need more selfless people like Robyn.
    Amazing work that she is doing.

  3. WOW!!!

    What a special lady, what a special cause.
    Well done to everyone involved.
    And to you Alexis, for highlighting this wonderful project.


  4. Thank you for sharing about this lovely lady, she is
    My friend a mother Theresa … I’m selling her Ruth
    Range in the middle east -Bahrain. Will share it on my
    Facebook Kindness page. God bless you,
    Incredible photography

  5. Another awesome member of an awesome family! It was her brother who got me fighting the same fight…amazing to see all 3 siblings dedicating their lives and skills to freeing the captives – Robyn, Tracey and Tyrone. Leading by example! Massive honour to the parents, and all glory goes to God.

  6. Val Benfield says:

    What a privilege I have to be cousins with Trace, Robs, and Ty. Lovely lives impacting nations, transforming lives as Jesus lovers.
    Amazing! May God continue to bless the work of your hands, bring favour and fruitfulness to every task and every person you touch. Xxx

  7. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words and encouragement, our Heavenly Father is doing incredible work in so many peoples lives and stirring us to partner with Him in what He is doing, it is an that is adventure worth laying down our lives for. Thank you Lex for your kindness and support of the ladies and for giving of your time and incredible gifting to make their voices heard. xx

  8. Robyn you are an incredible woman! This work is pure and good.

  9. Wow!! This Old lady is doing a wonderful job.

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