Family fun in the snow

It was such a privilege to go back to Switzerland in Winter time and fit in a little family session with some of my most favourite people in the whole world.  Love you guys!

blo_01 This was a first for me, shooting whilst on ice skates (my shattered nerves!).


Emma’s first time ice skating and she owned it ‘Like a Boss!” blo_03 blo_04 blo_05 3 generations ♥ blo_06 blo_07 blo_08 blo_09 blo_10 blo_11 blo_12 Snow baby – cuteness, love him!!! blo_13 blo_14 blo_15 blo_16 blo_17 blo_18 blo_19 blo_20 blo_21 Grandparents are the best ♥ blo_22 Snow fight!!!!! blo_23 blo_24 blo_25 blo_26 blo_27 blo_28 blo_29


    STUNNING FAMILY….and so damn good looking all of you. :)

  2. Oh Lex, these are very special. I suppose I could`nt have the best photographer in the world AND a hairdresser on site!!!!!!! Hmmmmm. will just have to settle for bad hair day AND best photographer in the world…..can live with that, hehehe! Such beaut photos of the kids. Loved every minute of you guys being here. Lots love to you guys.

  3. Well done Lex you have captured some very stunning moments with these pics.

  4. Amazing AGAIN!! You’re even more badass than the honeybadger!!

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