Botha family

I recently met up with the lovely Botha family including grandparents for a few  pics of the whole family together before Taryn and Ryan and their cute kiddo’s Keegz and Amy emigrate.  I love the way these guys are all so easy around each other – you can really feel the love in this family :) We had some fun in the sun and even found some crabs :) You guys were a joy to photograph – all the best for your next adventure :)

2014-05-05_0001 2014-05-05_0002 2014-05-05_0003 2014-05-05_0004 2014-05-05_0005 2014-05-05_0006 2014-05-05_0007 2014-05-05_0008 2014-05-05_0009 2014-05-05_0010 2014-05-05_0012 2014-05-05_0013 2014-05-05_0014 2014-05-05_0011 2014-05-05_0015 2014-05-05_0016 2014-05-05_0017 2014-05-05_0018 2014-05-05_0019 2014-05-05_0020 2014-05-05_0021 2014-05-05_0022 2014-05-05_0023


  1. Taz Botha says:

    Thanks so much Alexis! We had a great time on the shoots and can’t wait to have some these beautiful photos on the walls of our new home in the UK.

  2. gail wilkinson says:

    oh my gosh these pictures made me cry as the are so beautiful and happy… the smiles and loving looks were too much to even explain, just pure love xxxxx

  3. Debbie Morgan says:

    Wow Taryn, I just loved this collection of photos. Your photographer has captured and reflected each and everyone’s beauty, and has given me a view to your awesome family! Love this album!

  4. debbie da canha says:

    So beautiful~! You captured them perfectly. Awesome pics

  5. Taz Botha says:

    Alexis… I went to bed last night with a happy heart and a big smile on my face :-) Love, Love, Love the photos!

    Last night I had a chance to look through all the photos on the link you sent – You have captured some amazing moments and you have the ability to encapsulate the hearts of the people in your photos.

    Thank you – these photos are a gift that will be treasured forver…… Thank you for making my heart smile :-)

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