Baby Jordan

I got to work with sweet baby Jordan and his lovely family recently.  Here are a few images from his newborn session.

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  1. absolutely beautiful!

  2. Christl Watt says:

    Oh Lex, such beautifully tender moments captured! Wow, how blessed are these parents to have these pics in their home!! Really love these!!!

  3. wow, these are priceless. i’ll never know how you got the big brother to be so perfect in every shot!

  4. Thanks so much for the comments ♥ Big brother was super sweet and obliging cc.

  5. Kelly Edwards says:

    Just so beautiful – love them!

  6. Judy Edwards says:

    Every photo is just beautiful, makes me so proud to be the granny. What a talented photographer to capture these precious moments.

  7. Trish Renault says:

    Such beautiful photos and beautiful family.

  8. Gill Hampton says:

    Beautiful pics Alexis, makes me want to have another one!

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