Aidan Köhne newborn session

Introducing the cutest little guy in town!

I am starting to feel like part of the family ♥  First Nats and Philips wedding, next a little maternity  session and then gorgeous little Aidan’s debut.



  1. Debbie Ivins (proud auntie!) says:

    This is a MODEL family in more ways than one! Such beautiful, sincere, warm, loving, gorgeous pictures! A real work of art. Well done everyone! Especially little Aidan. You are a natural! Lots of love Debs xxx

  2. gavin muir says:

    what stunning photos-Aidan seems to be such a( NO FUSS ) little person !! What are you complaining about-broken sleep/not sleeping ,sore tummy, crying, ratty baby, i have my hands full etc I think the BBM s you send me have nothing to do with AIDAN .
    love you lots ,
    Gavin . XXXX

    • Nats (proud mommy-bear) says:

      Haha dear uncle! Cheeky cheeky are u :-) Aidan is the most chilled content baba in town, mommy’s angel-boy! Only when he had a sore tum was he ratty, poor little guy! He says to cut him some slack ;-)XxxX

  3. Glyn (young Auntie!) says:

    Truly adorable!Enjoy these precious times…..Glyn x

  4. Awesome pics, well done guys. So excited for you all!

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