Trevor and Wendy


Wendy and Trevor chose beautiful Providence to celebrate their special day, they were joyful and filled to overflowing with love for each other – it was a treat to share it with them.

Wendy loves adventure and exploring new things and places. She enjoy’s the beach, reading a books, watching series, adventuring and travelling. She enjoy’s taking photos of nature, sushi and time with friends. She love’s learning new things and is passionate about helping others see their potential.  She spent all of her twenties studying and is excited to have more fun and adventures in her thirties. She has recently qualified as an Educational Psychologist which has been a long journey in the making. Marrying Trevor was a great start to her 30s.

Wendy:  “I am thankful that I get to be his wife and feel loved everyday.”

Trevor enjoy’s science fiction and action movies. He is an imaginative and has ingenuity.  He is thoughtful and cares how the things he does and say will affect those around him. Trevor is a qualified teacher and has a desire to further his studies in the near future.

Trevor: “I love being married and the confidence it has brought to me to be my self.  I am encouraged by Wendy’s love and I find security in who she is and how she leads her life as a strong and courageous women.”

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Trevor: “I remember a moment when I was sitting across from Wendy at church and thinking how captivating she was. I found her to be beautiful, gentle and kind. She is soft spoken and the best friend you could ever ask for.  I found her to be encouraging, thoughtful and filled with hope and faith for the future.  She is remarkably resilient and dedicated to all that she puts her mind to. I have always been inspired by her.  She is captivating.”

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Wendy: “The first thing I noticed about Trevor was his kind nature, his handsome face and his generous spirit. His heart was beautiful and I saw someone I would love to be friends with. We had the opportunity to be friends for a number of years before we fell in love. I remember so clearly the moment I started to fall for him… we had been at the beach with friends and I literally got knocked head over heels by the hugest wave I had ever seen. As I emerged from the water with sand everywhere, bedraggled and disorientated, I looked at Trevor and realised I had been slowly falling in love with him for a while. Things were never the same from that moment and over the next few months we both realised we were falling for each other and in a nutshell… that is how our fairy tale started. I love Trevor’s heart. I am so privileged to have caught a glimpse of it when we were friends and even more privileged that we were then given a beautiful love story during which Trevor saw my heart and loved me completely and unconditionally.”


trevor: “The best of the wedding day for me was seeing Wendy coming down the aisle and then holding her hand during the ceremony, being completely caught up in her during the service. Hearing her speech and her love for me being declared was another beautiful moment.”

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“Our story started in 2004 when we first met during our undergraduate studies at University where we had both enrolled to study Education.  Wendy noticed Trevor’s handsome looks but our paths didn’t really cross during these 4 years.  So, this wasn’t really the start of our story and our paths would only really close a few years later when Wendy visited Trevor’s church. A friendship started and developed over a few years. Sparks really flew when we went away with a group of friends at the end of 2014 to a remote part of the Transkie.  After many trips together to search for cell signal and over numerous cups of tea, our friendship started to grow into a love story.”

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Wendy: “I absolutely loved our wedding day. I have never felt so beautiful in all my life and seeing Trevor’s absolute joy when he first saw me and his absolute love for me during day made me feel so special. The best thing about being married is that he finds me beautiful every day and loves me unconditionally always, no matter what. Our wedding day is a beautiful memory for me- the joy, peace, love and beauty I felt on that day was something that could only have been given to us by God.”

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Trevor: “Our first few dates consisted of drinking a lot of tea at Wendy’s house along with KFC Krushers.  One of our earliest dates was to watch a show “Shall we dance”.  We went to the roof of the Royal hotel before the show and marvelled at the view and at each other.  This is such a special memory for us both. We also took our first selfies here. Now going to this show is a tradition for us and every year we take new selfies.”

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Wendy: “Our proposal was the most beautiful night ever. The two of us went for a picnic at Umdloti Beach for Trevor’s 30th birthday (13/11/2015) where we both received the most beautiful gift as Trevor proposed on the beach, in the rain. We laughed, cried and couldn’t believe it was real. In fact Wendy kept asking if it was “for real?” We have watched the video of this night since and it is a memory we cherish with all our hearts.  Trevor’s proposal included a puzzle with a missing piece that he presented before going down on one knee just as Wendy realised it was missing. The piece said “Love Wendy”. The puzzle had  a been a birthday gift to Trevor the previous year from our friends who had all written messages on the back of each piece and someone had written “Love Wendy” with a picture of a house, a family and a ring as a bit of a silly joke. This piece actually became significant to Trevor as it was his desire for what the picture represented to become a reality.”

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Wendy: “We chose Providence because we feel in love with the beauty of the Midlands and the personal touch that Fern and Kevin offered. We felt our wedding day should be a celebration of God’s love, his provision and the blessings in our lives and that this once in a lifetime day given us to be God should be therefore be extravagant, majestical, beautiful and everything we had ever imagined it could be.  And it truly was. We were so blessed and will always be thankful to God for blessing our day.”

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Wendy: “We are enjoying being married and feel so fortunate to be starting this new chapter together. We are looking forward to travelling together, adventuring together, learning more about each other and growing in our love. We look forward to where our lives can go together and the possibilities that await us as a couple. We look forward to having children and a life well lived together.”


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