Trevor and Michelle’s rainy wedding in the Midlands.

I have been so excited to finally blog this wedding not just because there was bunting everywhere or because Michelle had the funkiest hair and Trevor wore All Stars, but also because on a wedding day when it rained from beginning to end, they were the best couple a photographer could hope for.  Michelle and Trevor never once seemed stressed about wet hair or dirty shoes and were only too excited to go out and get those pictures.  They were so cool, calm and collected that they even ditched the umbrellas for a few shots.  You guys are seriously amazing!!!

Their wedding was the very first wedding to be held at Michelle’s folks’ beautiful venue, Willowvale, in the Midlands.  Almost every little detail was handmade by Michelle and Trevor, family members or close friends and it really personalised the feel of their wedding.  I was amazed at how well it all went!  What a unique and beautiful venue ♥ the food was also delicious.  I hope you enjoy their wedding as much as I did.

I went back to photograph more of the venue details on a sunnier day. Michelle had a blast on her wedding day! Loving these shoes, so much fun ♥


  1. What a lovely wedding… so beautiful to see people expressing their creativity like this. And you can see they adore eachother- well captured in the shots!

  2. Hi Alexis, Yay and Yay again the photos are amazing Thank You can’t wait to see the rest.

  3. Thanks Alexis, I appreciate your creativity and your eye for something different!!!!!! Well done.

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