Shaun and Stacy

Shaun and Stacy are both teachers at the same school and first met in a staff meeting. The rest, as they say, was history ♥  They are a fun and down to earth couple who were a pleasure to work with on the day.  Wishing you all the best for your future together ♥


  1. Wow!! Absolutely stunning! My sister is GORGEOUS…. Awesome awesome awesome :)

  2. Michelle Brown says:

    Beautiful pictures of a lovely couple! You look absolutely gorgeous, Stacy!

  3. Michelle Bunting says:

    Bringing me to tears, absolutely amazing!! So sad I missed it! Lots of love! xx

  4. Michelle Garratt says:

    Picture perfect! Love you guys xxx

  5. Tracey Bez says:

    Absolutely Stunning – Stace you made the most Beautiful Bride – Shaun you are a LUCKY man! Glad I don’t have to choose ones to frame for home – tough choice!!!

  6. Stacy's Dad says:

    What can I say – I’m absolutely speechless!! Love you both, lots. XXXXX

  7. Nicola Overy says:

    Beautiful Stac and Shaun!!!!!!! Wow xxx

  8. stacy and shaun, you look amazing, congrats to you both. Trish you did a sterling job with the dress, you are so clever!

  9. Beautiful Stac! I wish both you and Shaun many wonderful years together. XX

  10. Absolutely beautiful. What a fabulous couple!

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