Rob and Taryn tie the knot at the beautiful Hartford house

I have always loved Hartford House and I was thrilled when Rob and Taryn told me they were getting married there in Spring.  A gorgeous boutique hotel on a world class stud farm surrounded by pink and white blossoms – oh my happy heart ♥

Taryn met Rob in a geology class of her 3rd year engineering course (he was assisting the lecturer at the time).  Taryn thought he was quite sexy and decided to ask him for help in identifying a few of the rocks.  Rob was only too happy to oblige and so started their love story.  Fast forward 4 years to a proposal in Mauritus and a year and a week after that to the now happy Mr & Mrs Ward :)  Thank you for choosing me to photograph your special day – you are both amazing!


  1. Wow Lex…you’re the most amazing photographer ever!!!

  2. Thanx for taking such amazing pics of our special day! :) wow, the last few have made me burst out laughing in my office!! Can’t help laughing at my crazy aunts and energized bridesmaid! What fantastic moments you’ve captured.

    Cannot wait for more of your perfectly timed, romantic moments!

    Thank you so much!

  3. What wonderful memories, and such a unique style of photography. The pictures are awesome, and are fully representative of the wonderful people who made the event such a great success. Congrats again Taryn and Rob – you are a fantastic couple. C U soon. Mally

  4. Very nice Alexis. Very very nice. Dig them all

  5. The lucky guy says:

    You have done my beautiful bride justice – and clearly done the groom and groomsmen huge favours! ;) Thanks for capturing everything so perfectly. Absolutely stunning – each and every shot… Rob

  6. Absolutely lovely. You are SO talented Alexis :)

  7. Kirsty Mackrory says:


  8. So beautiful!

  9. My Friend,

    Wow, your work never cease to amaze me…

  10. marijke de vaal says:

    Dear Robert and Taryn,

    Corine have send the beautiful photo’s to me , as a real proud mam. Tharyn,

    the dress is sooo stunning. And the way the photograph took the photo’s is amazing

    Have a wonderful life, take good care of each other, have lots of fun.

    Warm regards,

    Marijke A friend of Corine.

  11. Love this wedding babes those cherry blossom trees are the bomb and the shot of the bride lying on the floor is a def winner gr8 work xx

  12. Alexis Diack says:

    Thanks to everyone for your kind comments ♥♥ Really appreciated :)

  13. marianne snelleman says:

    Dear Robert and Taryn,
    I just received the link to your “fotobook” from Corine….and I really enjoyed to see all the pictures….so beautiful and compliments for the fotographer.
    Taryn, your wedding dress is of such a beauty…fantastic….and………so nice to see that 2 persons are more than happy with each other……
    I do wish you both all the luck of the world…….enjoy live and……be there for each other……..
    Lots of love

  14. Alexis Diack says:

    Thanks for all the comments ♥♥♥ Taryn and Rob you are both so lovely ♥

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