Richard and Taryn

Richard and Taryn’s story:

“Our story starts in late 2010 when Taryn, a Natal girl, is sent to the sexy metropolis of Centurion for work. A new friend, Elaine, sees an opportunity to get a few single boys (who would eat her out of house and home when they weren’t out on the prowl) off her hands.

In comes Rich, the tall, handsome, hero of our story. Taryn and Rich are introduced over email and some friendly banter ensues. A few weeks into this new friendship, Rich sends Taryn a 20-something page speech which Warren Buffet gave at some supposedly-important event. Rich thinks: why is this girl not as excited by this as I am? Taryn thinks: is this really the guy whose friends call him “Dirty”?

Fast forward a few months (of emailing and BBM chatting) to the date when we actually meet, at our mutual friend’s wedding. Rich, at this stage, we are fairly sure, is already in love and a pic is snapped at the wedding of Rich attempting to a place a hand inappropriately on Taryn’s bottom.

A few weeks later, as coincidence would have it, Taryn makes the permanent move up to Jozi. Using Lindt chocolate bunnies as bribes, Rich frequently visits Taryn and gets her to cook him delicious dinners.

And the rest as we say, is history. We started dating in May 2011, and moved in together 9 months later. Living with a boy who sneezes into a dish cloth (and then proceeds to use said dish cloth) is no easy task and it was touch and go for a second (or for a week or two). However, nothing could stop our love which continued to grow.

Despite a controversial new years speech, Rich continued to save for and designed the most exquisite engagement ring. In December 2015, a last minute work trip to Durbs for Taryn, provided the perfect opportunity for Rich who surprised Taryn, on one knee, on the beach as the sun was setting. The answer was always “YES’ and the celebrations continued into the night at the Oyster Box. It really was the most perfect engagement and we cannot wait to say I do forever on 08 October 2016.”

Rich: “What I love about snooobs aka taryn is that she is very fun,  and a good listener. She has a beautiful smile and has the ability to make everyone around her feel special.”  

“I was very nervous when I first went to try on wedding dresses but soon realized it was one of the most fun parts of the whole wedding-planning experience. I had no set idea as to the style of dress which I wanted and there were actually a few dresses which I quite liked but in the end it was an obvious choice. “

Taryn: “Other than his good looks (and his height – very important), Rich is one of the kindest people I know. He also has a very fun, playful (some will say naughty) nature which is one of the things I love most about him. I also love and admire his ambition and determination to do his best in life.”

Taryn: “I loved our ceremony. Graham, our officiant, did a fantastic job and it felt very special and personal. And who can forget that first kiss as husband and wife. I also loved all the speeches and the laughs and happy tears which they brought. Being able to share the day with all our loved ones and seeing everyone enjoying themselves – hard to describe how happy it makes you.”   Rich: “I loved seeing Taryn walk down the aisle and the atmosphere of having all our friends at the wedding.”

“We love the beauty of the Midlands and after viewing a few venues in the area thought that Fordoun was the best suited to us. The views are breathtaking and that chapel with the glass wall sealed the deal for us.”

“I had no set idea of exactly what I wanted going into the planning of our wedding. All I knew was that I wanted to keep it simple yet very pretty. Fordoun is a stunning venue and I wanted to highlight the beauty of the Midlands rather than smother it in detail. We were certain that we wanted our day to be very relaxed and that the guests enjoyed the day and felt the love we wanted to share with them which I think we accomplished on the day.”

“Rich and I are both accountants although one of us is definitely more nerdy than the other (for the record its Rich, not me). Rich is really good at his job and is very passionate about his share portfolio, Warren Buffet and the like (most of it goes over my head). He also enjoys spending time over a few beers with his friends – he is very talented at pretending to be sober after “one too many”.When he can get out, Rich enjoys being on his mountain bike. You won’t ever see me on a bike though, I prefer running and enjoy doing races with some of my friends. When I get the chance I like baking, my cupcakes are my specialty. We both really enjoy reading and spending time together.”

“We have been together a few years now and it’s hard to choose one specific date as a favorite. When I think of our best times together they normally involve our travels and exploring new places together (I guess its not a date, but a holiday is like one long date right?)”


Venue: Fordoun

Catering: Cherry on the Top (Niki Collins)

Wedding Cake and Cupcake Table: Roz’s Beautiful Cakes (Roz Wilson)

Hair & Make up: Angelique (Blush)

Videographers: WeddingFrames (Justine and Graeme)

Flowers and Décor: Natural Nostalgia (Kimberley)

DJ: Top Jocks – David Yapp


  1. Alan & Kim King says:

    “Just love the socks”, had a really fantastic day can other fun photos from the day and evening be viewed

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