Quinton and Leanne

Quinny and Leanne are the sweetest couple who love each other madly and both have incredibly strong family values. It was wonderful to spend such a happy day at the stunning Oyster Box Hotel with such lovely people. Wishing you both everything of the best for your future together – the best years are ahead <3


Leanne why did you pick the Oyster Box as your venue?

“The Oyster Box has a lot of family memories and history. We celebrate everything at the Oyster Box. It is our favourite place to go and we just love the atmosphere. The day after we got engaged Quinny took me for a surprise breakfast at The Oyster Box, little did I know he had organised my parents to fly down to celebrate with us – I am a lucky lady. From that day on we had our hearts set on the venue even more.”

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Leanne: “Quinny is an honest, kind and loving man. He has a very quirky sense of humour and is always out to make people laugh. He is the most genuine man you will meet and is a great friend to many. 
Like I have said before Quinny makes me laugh all the time and his biggest mission is life to is to always make sure I have a smile on my face. He treats me like I am a princess and always has my best interests at heart. He is my pillar of strength. The thing I love the most about Quinny is that we are best friends (“besties” as we call it), I trust in him, confide in him and I love being around him.”

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Quinny: “Leanne is an amazing woman – she is the most caring and friendly person, she is so loving and would not hesitate to help someone in need. Leanne is a very beautiful person in and out and it shows when you are in her presence, because you are always smiling. She is my best friend and my pillar of strength when I really need advice or a push in the right direction. It is very hard not being around her because she always puts a smile on your face and lightens your mood. I don’t have the words to describe how much I love her because the words don’t exist and trying to do so would not do the cause any justice. She means the world to me and I am madly in love with her.”

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Highlight of your wedding day?
Leanne: “I loved absolutely every moment of the wedding day. I loved the morning leading up to the wedding, it was quality time with all involved and the suppliers never ceased to make the day less stressful and a good laugh. I remember waiting in the bridal room for Ginny to come fetch us and I had an overwhelming feeling and said ”OK where is Ginny, I’m ready to get married now”. I heard from a little birdie that Quinny did the same :) When I saw Quinny for the first time, I remember I smiled and thought to myself I couldn’t be more blessed.”
Quinny: “The main highlight was seeing my soon to be wife walk down the aisle as she took my breath away and gave me goose bumps. The dance was also an awesome highlight as we have had so much fun together leading up to the point of execution. Spending the morning with my groomsmen, father and future father in law was also awesome as I had good friends and family enjoying such a special occasion with me. Then the party that followed was insane and I know for a fact everyone had a big jol.”

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Most memorable date?

“Quinny and I made a deal to have date night at least once a month. It was more to go out for a couple of hours and make sure we chit chat about absolutely anything and everything. I can’t say I have one date in particular but one of my favorites was in Mauritius. We went there for my sisters 30th birthday and he surprised me by taking me for dinner at Le Capitan – we got there early to have sundowners and had the most delicious meal, very romantic. My other favourite date night is our patio evenings, we put the tv off, go outside onto the patio, put some music on and talk for hours.” 

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Leanne how did Quinny propose?

“Quinny and I had a wedding to attend in Durban over our 2 year anniversary. We arrived in Durban on the 10 April 2015, some how he had this all figured out without any knowledge from my side. He always says I played into his hands and made the day a lot easier . When we settled into our B&B he decided he wanted to go to the beach for a walk and maybe have a swim, I was more interested in having a Savanna ;) Anyways he won and we proceeded down to the beach. We found a rock and decided to take some pictures for our photo wall to remember our 2 year anniversary, the pictures were getting boring so I said ”Do something crazy”….. Well I did not expect that something crazy to be getting on one knee and shouting at the top of his lungs – ‘Leanne Jacqueline Cruickshank will you marry me?”. My response was ”Are you  serious??????”. Followed by a lot of happy tears, a YES and can I see the ring. I was in shock and over the moon. It was the best day ever and the biggest surprise. “

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How did you and Quinny meet?

“Quinny and I met through mutual friends both of which were in our bridal party. We met on a weekend away which happened to be my sisters birthday 31 August 2012. I remember thinking to myself that no one has made me laugh as much as he did and there was an instant attraction.”

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Venue:- The Oyster Box Hotel – www.oysterboxhotel.com
Wedding Coordinator:- Ginny Eslick – weddingplanner@theoysterbox.co.za
Decor:- Sues Wedding Flowers – http://www.suesflowers.co.za/
Hair & Make up:- Nixon Make up – Lindsay Nixon – http://www.nixonmakeup.com/
DJ:- Vivian from Top Jocks. info@djvivian.co.za
Wedding Officer:- Michael Alexander – alexander@clfc.co.za
Videographer:- Michelle Rabe – http://michellerabe.wix.com/michellerabe

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