Pierre and Kerry


It was such a treat to photograph my special friend’s happy wedding day at the beautiful Langkloof wine estate recently. When Kerry and I first met, we connected straight away. She is the type of person that lights up a room and leaves a lasting impression. When I think of Kerry, I think fun, joy, laughter and life to the full!!! We love you big time friend and could not be more thrilled for you both – you have found a good man and we know you guys are going to have so many great adventures together.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?  “We are born-and-bred Capetonians. We love cooking together, especially a spicy curry! We love riding mountain bikes together- and have had lots of adventures on the trails.”


Why did you choose your specific venue? “The quaint chapel with its lovely stained glass window featuring entwined roses was the first thing to catch our eye. We just loved how pretty and unpretentious Langkloof is.”


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Best parts of your wedding day? “Pierre’s favourite moment was when I walked down the aisle. Tears were shed by both of us. It felt amazing to walk towards him without a doubt in my mind that this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. A feeling of absolute gravity and seriousness, but yet with the lightness that comes from having peace in your chosen path. One of my (Kerry) favourite moments was when Pierre came to the bridal suite and with Lex’s help, held my hand without seeing me in my dress, while he prayed for us. This was shortly before I was about to walk down the aisle. It was lovely feeling his strong hand in mine and being reminded that our big day was really about us, together, making promises to each other and God. I also loved the 15 minutes of private time we stole before entering the reception venue together – a wonderful moment to reflect and share our excitement: “We are married: wow! Whoop whoop!!””

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Such a precious moment as Kerry and her family pray together before the ceremony.

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What do you love about each other? What did you first notice about each other?  “I first noticed Pierre’s kind eyes, silver fox grey hair sticking out under his bike helmet and his gentle, kind heart as he was helping make sure the riders got safely down the trail. I love Pierre’s kindness and spontaneous sense of fun and silliness. I (Pierre) love Kerry‘s sparkling personality: always with a big smile and always ready for an adventure.” 

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Tell us how you met? “We met on a mountain bike trail. Pierre saved me from a caracal that was about to pounce on me (the Tygerberg mountain bike trails in Durbanville, CT still have some wild animals). Just kidding! We met on a social mountain bike group ride. It was a cold and drizzly morning but both of us were up and out of bed early that Saturday morning, unaware that our love story was about to begin.”

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First date story? “We were the last to leave the restaraunt: so it went very well! Pierre asked if he could take me out for dinner after we had ridden mountain bikes a few times as part of the group. Maybe he was eager to see what I look like without a helmet on?! When I saw him waiting outside the restaurant, I was so excited! Here this handsome, tall man wearing spectacles (I have always had a thing for guys wearing specs: so sophisticated!) was taking the time to get to know me better.”

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Anything funny happen on the day? “Our MC, Gabe had us all in stitches (really not bad for a Zimbabwean bloke in a mixed crowd of English and Afrikaans loved ones). As did Pierre’s best man Paul, especially with his marriage advice of “do not give a compliment every day” (his argument being that sincerity is the best policy). Speaking of stitches: Pierre had to sew up his zip after that malfunctioned.”

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Your proposal story? “He was very happy that I didn’t look straight at the engagement ring, but rather kept looking into his eyes. Pierre was adamant we were going to do a sunset ride on a very windy afternoon. We jumped over the farm fence and went to sit and watch the sunset at the spot were we had first told each other that we love each other. When he got down on one knee (with his biking knee pads on, nogal) I knew something serious was happening. We were both overjoyed and after whoops of joy, hugs and kisses we headed back down the trail with the biggest spring in our steps.”

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What are you excited for in your future together? “The mere fact that we will be together is really exciting! We have started to dream of the various adventures we will have together in all aspects of life… watch this space… :)”



  1. Hi Pierre and Kerry
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographic memories and the wonderful love story that brought both so much joy to this beginning of your lives together. Wishing you both a Blessed life together.
    All my love
    Melany Brown

  2. Loraine Lambert says:

    What a beautiful wedding. I loved that you shared your love story with us. Wishing you continued happiness and you do life together.

  3. Heather Nel says:

    Lex, these are truly so beautiful and really capture Kerry and Pierre’s precious day in a very special way. Thank you xxx

  4. Nicolene Augustyn says:

    Lex, how beautiful are these photos!once again just have to say I love your style.Stunningly beautiful,capturing the joy,warmth and love that was so tangible on their special day.xx

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