Nic and Meggyn

Some weddings are special, not because of the details, the venue or even the dress (although all those things were there).  They are special because if you had to take away all the frills and fanfare, you would have a girl standing in front of a boy, both hearts filled with love and overflowing with gratitude.   This was that wedding.

For many years before he had even met Meggyn, Nic would pray to God not just for what he wanted in his future wife but also that God would keep her safe every day as she was growing up, to give her strength to make the right decisions in life and become a good person and to give her peace and happiness every day.

Nic finally saw this girl he had been praying for at a mutual friend’s party and he was in love instantly! After numerous attempts by friends to introduce them and Nic feeling like Meggyn was way out of his league it finally happened.  At some point in the evening while talking in a group, Nic and Meg happened to be standing in the same circle talking, a friend walked up and asked each of them what their favourite colour was, they both answered “blue” to which he promptly announced that they had so much in common and slapped a pair of handcuffs(which happened to be floating around the party) on them, tying them together. Nic, although screaming like a girl on the inside, decided not to be an idiot and remove the handcuffs but to play it cool and take Meg to the bar for a drink, where they spent the next 2 hours talking, completely forgetting about the handcuffs and the rest of the party. By the end of the evening Nic, ever so coolly, walked Meg to her car and asked for her number and the rest is history.

This next one reminds me of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

Megs recorded a message for Nic before she walked down the isle, lets just say it was the start of the “cry fest” many happy tears.

The speeches were all so heartfelt and touching, I think I might have even sprouted the odd tear.

Dirty Dancing “The Time of My Life” yip these guys rocked it! (Ok so no lift at the end, but still pretty epic if you ask me!)


  1. Nick and Megs, it looked like an absolute dream. My wish for you is total happiness and bliss for your years together. May your union be blessed beyond measure. The pics are amazing! All my love, Marlene du Preez.

  2. Alexis, you are a genius! Such a beautiful talent you have for turning people’s dream day into an everlasting memory! You rock! Thank you from both of us.

  3. Nic vd Meer says:

    Photos = awesome
    Wedding = crazy awesome
    You guys = super crazy awesome
    Wish we could have been there…

  4. Alexis Diack says:

    Thanks for all the comments ♥♥♥ Such an amazing couple!!

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