Murray and Margs get married

2014-06-23_0001   Margs and Murray are just the sweetest and most chilled people you could hope to meet.  They tied the knot on a perfect sun kissed day at Alpine Heath in the Drakensberg.

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“Murray and I met through a mutual friend in 2008 at Harveys in Hillcrest.  I can’t remember what exactly we did for our first date but 6 months after we started dating we jetsetted off to thailand for a month.  This was the first of many overseas trips together.  Murray proposed to me on the Isle of Capri in Italy in September 2013.  It was a textbook perfect proposal.  After 3 weeks of travelling around Italy we spent our last few days relaxing on the Island and on our second last night we went to watch the sunset at the lighthouse and he proposed.  It was perfect!”

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“We had the perfect weather for our outside wedding ceremony.  Some of the highlights were Murray landing by helicopter and of course the rings being brought in by drone!”

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You see Murray’s face here… hands down one of my favourite moments at any wedding!

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So let’s just bring the rings in by drone why don’t we! Genius!

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In Margs words:

“One of the best parts of our wedding was that all our guests could share the weekend away with us in the Drakensberg.”

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What are you both most looking forward to in your  new married life together?

“Murray and I are both looking forward to settling into our own home with chili and mia! We definitely would like to do one or two more trips overseas before we settle down and start our own little family.”

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“We didn’t have a specific theme for our wedding we just wanted it to be a formal glitz and glam affair.  Something funny that happened behind the scenes was that 10 minutes before the evening reception was about to start as the bridal party were lighting the candles one of the massive vases filled with water cracked and flooded one of the tables. Thank goodness our amazing bridal party and the Alpine Heath staff came to the rescue and the table was reset in minutes!”

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Service providers:

Wedding dress was from Vip Brides in Hillcrest

DJ was Colin van Wyk

Venue Alpine Heath resort Drakensburg

Guys suits were from Suit Yourself Durban North

Helicoptor – Westline Aviation

The cake and bridesmaids dresses we made ourselves ;)

Flowers my mom did herself

Marriage officer- Duncan Comrie

Decor we did ourselves


  1. very cool!!!! lotsa xx and wishes

  2. Michelle Cole says:

    Absolutely stunning, as always :-D hands down one of the most fun weddings!!

  3. Louise Schalkwyk says:

    Oh my word, these photos came out so beautifully! :)

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