Miles and Candace

2014-08-16_0001 Candace and Miles are the sweetest and most chilled couple who absolutely adore each other!  It was smiles from beginning to end with these two!  They tied the knot on a beautifully clear winters day in the midlands not too long ago – such a special day!  Congrats guys!!!


Candace why did you pick The Orchards as your wedding venue?
“Being the organised person I am, I made a couple of appointments to look at venues on one weekend in January this year. Knowing my time constraints with booking a venue and the fact that I wanted to get married in June, I insisted we make a decision that weekend even if we didn’t find the perfect venue.  After two disappointing visits to other venues, we were starting to get a little disheartened. The last stop was “this new venue that was only going to be ready in April” that I had heard about from a friend on our trip to Botswana after Miles proposed.
As we arrived and started our tour, Miles and I squeezed hands and looked at each other with excitement :) The venue was PERFECT! Although not complete, I could see where it was going and the taste that Belinda had. It ticked ALL the boxes.”
Miles what were your first impressions when you met Candace and what do you love most about her?
“Stunningly beautiful with a refreshingly appealing innocence.  It’s Hard to choose one, but I would say her loving and caring nature.”
Candace how did Miles propose?
“We were on our way to Botswana with friends and he decided that we would have two nights to relax before our holiday at our favourite place – his family cottage in Nottingham Road in the Midlands. He bought all my favourite food which he prepared for us for dinner. After dinner, wine in hand and fire crackling in the background, he slipped off the couch onto one knee and asked if I would marry him. It was amazing!
Unfortunately the hail that afternoon messed up his original plan but I think it was all the more special.”
Candace what do you love about Miles?
“I love that he is always so happy and has such a positive attitude. He has an amazing ability to always turn my day around when I wake up on the wrong side of bed and can even apologize when I am being completely unreasonable and he knows I am wrong (and so do I) :)
He is incredibly supportive of everything I do or want to do and always makes me feel like I can achieve anything.”
Did anything funny/memorable happen on your wedding day?
“Ha ha, as we walked out the chapel to have confetti thrown on us, Miles lifted his hands in celebration and “punched” me in the nose. Ouch! It was really hard to stop my eyes from watering after that :)”
Tell us about your dress.
“I knew what I wanted before I even got engaged. Pure lace, no beading, low back, and I did not want strapless.
My first dress fitting was disappointing. Everything was WAY too big and I did not feel the bubbly feeling as I was trying on dresses as I was supposed to.
I was in Pietermaritzburg visiting my family when I decided to try this bridal shop in Hilton. I wasn’t expecting to find anything and thought I would end up getting my dress made, but Yelena at the Belles of Hilton just understood my needs and was on the same page as me immediately. She put me in a couple of dresses and allowed me to pick and choose what I liked from each dress and she would make me something that is perfect. I loved her flexibility and willingness to help. When my dress arrived, it was everything I had hoped for and more! She did a FANTASTIC job.”
What are you both most looking forward to in your future as a married couple?
“Starting a family together is definitely something to look forward to! :)”
Any advice for future brides?
“I thought planning a wedding would be a really stressful thing but it wasn’t. My advise would be to book all your professionals as soon as possible and have a clear picture of what you want from an early stage. After that, leave it up to the professionals – let them guide you and help you :) Lastly, no one notices the small detail. Try not complicate things too much for interesting touches that only you will notice.”
Service Providers:
Venue        – The Orchards
Stationary and lights – Flickers and Dreams
DJ             – Jason Elkington
Make Up     – Laura Halgreen
Caterer       – CHC
Decor         – Midlands Style Events
Flowers      – Lu Todd
Canape’s     – Jenny Clarke
Live Musician – Rene Tshiakanyi
                    – (0846746819)
Wedding Dress    – Belles of Hilton
Bridesmaids Dresses – Bianca Warren
                              – 0824655640
Wedding Crackers and Extra length Sparklers – Pop Shop
Photographer – Alexis Diack
Second shooter – Desiree Dales 
Videographer         – Fiction Factory


  1. Christl Watt says:

    Ah Lex, your work is so incredibly beautiful! So stunningly captured – memories to treasure for always!

  2. Beautiful pictures well done lex.

  3. absolutely exquisite!!!!! you guys look incredible :) sending lots of love xxx

  4. Loved reading the comments and seeing the pictures. Beautifully put together, well done!

  5. Lee Rasmussen says:

    What stunning photos – to capture the stunning couple – well done

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