Mike and Taryn

Mike and Taryn did things their own way at their wedding, it was unconventional, relaxed and fun and completely awesome! We loved every minute of it!!! Thanks for choosing us to photograph your special day!   Get a load of these gorgeous humans!


Why did you choose the Glades as your dream wedding venue?

“We had originally booked to see two venues, we went to The Glades first and totally fell in love with it because its probably the most beautiful venue in the whole world, we immediately cancelled our second viewing.  The barn was also a huge plus for us as i have always wanted to get married in a barn.”

2014-07-11_0002 2014-07-11_0003 2014-07-11_0004

Tell us about your wedding gift ideas?

“Mike and i are animal OBSESSED and decided that we have enough stuff, so we asked for donations to the SPCA as gifts. The gift of giving.”

Meet Cody, (one of Taryn and Mikes gorgeous fur babies) giving Mike some pre-wedding loving!
2014-07-11_0005 2014-07-11_0008

How did Mike propose?

“He took me to our favourite getaway, Granny Mouse. He asked me in the privacy of our room – where it was just the two of us… exactly how i would want it, too much romance freaks me out. haha”

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What does Mike love about you Taryn?

“I still have the first message he ever sent me explaining why he fell for me after a few weeks of dating : ‘you make me laugh, you kind, you caring, you loving, you make me feel amazing and you a lady” 

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Tell us about your amazing dress!!!

“Ok, so my dress is probably the best thing i have ever laid eyes on. Im still totally obsessed with it. It was made by Casey Jeanne and is a lace and silk georgette dress. I would wear it every weekend if i could.”

2014-07-11_0022 2014-07-11_0023

Tell us about one of your favourite moments from your wedding day.

“Its hard to pick one moment… the whole day was perfect, but having my best friend from the UK was probably one of the big highlights.”

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Meet another adorable member of the Wyatt family – Chichi!!

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How cute is Taryn’s niece (and flower girl)!?

2014-07-11_0044 2014-07-11_0046

2014-07-11_0045 2014-07-11_0053

2014-07-11_0047 2014-07-11_0048 2014-07-11_0049

I love Taryn’s excitement face as she get’s closer to her man!

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2014-07-11_0055 2014-07-11_0056 2014-07-11_0058 2014-07-11_0059 2014-07-11_0060 2014-07-11_0065 2014-07-11_0066 2014-07-11_0067 2014-07-11_0068 2014-07-11_0069


What are you both most looking forward to as a newly married couple?

“Our next adventure of moving to Australia with our fur babies.”

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Tell us about your vision for your day as well as any advise you might have for future brides?

“FUN and CHILLED…. No drama, just dancing and drinking and celebrating with our closest friends and family.”

“Wedding planning is fun, enjoy it.  Dont get caught up in trying to please your mom, friends, mother-in-law, cousin, sister…do what makes you happy, at the  end of the day its YOUR day and you will regret not doing what you originally wanted. Mike and i are not very traditional about most things wedding, so there was no bouquet throwing or garter tossing, you have to make the day as most “you” as you can. “

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For Taryn and Mikes beautiful wedding video check out the  amazing work of Michelle Rabe Videography here: http://vimeo.com/100493796


Supplier list (in Taryn’s words):
Thistle bar – Melanie is brilliant. (thisle@saol.com)
Charelle McAllister, Make up Artist – she made me feel like a bohemian goddess… and is an animal lover so of course shes amazing :) (charelle.mcallister@gmail.com)
Claire Glancey from Fusion Hair – Claire is a hair god, shes my Hair guru – she was one of the reasons i changed my original  wedding date so she could do my hair. (0836423373)
BlueStrawberry Caterers – the most delicious burgers i have ever tasted. Jenni was so amazing to work.(jennij@bluestrawberry.co.za)
Casey Jeanne Walters – This lady… her talent is indescribable, her proffesionalism is admirable and her work is immpecable. such an amazing person to work with. (studio@caseyjeanne.com)
Ryan Van Rooyen – Dj Feugo Heat, if you love good music, you will love Ryan. He’s the coolest person around. (djfuegoheat@gmail.com)
The Little Cake Company – mouth watering cake. (thelittlecakecompany.co.za)
Michelle Rabe Videography and Alexis Diack Photorgrapy – the sweetest women ever who made us feel so relaxed and were so great, camera geniuses. 
Gabriela Linehares – every girl needs a Gabi at their wedding. she is the fairy God Mother of weddings, she went above and beyond to make our day so perfect, in fact it was better than we imagined thanks to her. She also makes the best flowers crowns around. (info@theglades.co.za)


  1. Best wedding! thanks for the awesome memories. Browsing through these photos makes me feel like we get to have the whole wondeful day again!


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