Michael and Lorraine

Michael and Lorraine flew out from the Uk to get married on a gorgeous day in Sunny South Africa.  They had a beautifully intimate ceremony surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

2014-04-08_0001  How did you meet each other?  “My boss set us up. Yes really! She called me into her office, told  me she was bored of me being single and said Michael would be emailing me that evening and she thought we had a lot in common and she hoped it would lead to something. You can’t make this stuff up!”

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Michael what do you love about Lorraine?  “She brightens up my days and always give me something to look forward to as I come home to her. We have a shared love of food and she is a wonderful cook and baker.  Lorraine has a great sense of humour and does not judge me when I am being silly.”

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Lorraine what do you love about Michael?  “Our relationship is just so easy. He is incredibly patient and calm and he surprises me with how sweet and loving he is. What I love most is that he is totally himself with me, even if he looks ridiculous, he doesn’t care and neither do I.”

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  “I grew up in Durban and with Michael being English and having never been to South Africa I wanted to show my country off. Not only did I think the Oyster Box Hotel was amazing but I loved the location. Right on the water, which we both love being near. It was perfect. We got married in the Old Fort Chapel as I was christened there as a baby so it made it extra special.”

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What has been one of your favourite dates as a couple together?  “He took me to the Chelsea Flower Show before we were a couple (it was my birthday) and I knew then I was in trouble and was starting to fall in love with him. He always says seeing me stuffing my face with ice cream in the pouring rain  made him smile and he knew then.”

2014-04-08_0017 2014-04-08_0018 2014-04-08_0019 2014-04-08_0020 2014-04-08_0021 2014-04-08_0022 2014-04-08_0023 2014-04-08_0024 2014-04-08_0025 2014-04-08_0026 2014-04-08_0027 2014-04-08_0028 What do you love to do together?  “We travel a lot, eat ice-cream a lot, we love going for walks in the countryside but will also happily sit on the sofa watching TV. We also enjoy gardening although this usually involves Michael moaning that I don’t follow his instructions correctly.  We just really enjoy being together.”

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What are you most excited about in your future together as a married couple?  “We bought a house together last November and it’s a bit of a project, so we are really enjoying shaping it into our dream home. We are also looking forward to having a family at some point. Michael – Kittens and babies, but mainly kittens. It might be a cliché but we are looking forward to growing old together.”

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Venue – Oyster Box Hotel http://www.oysterboxhotel.com/

For the cake – Nicole’s Luxury Handmade Indulgences https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nicoles-Luxury-Handmade-Indulgences/196606433687852


Flowers – Kobus Niemann http://www.designer-flowers.co.za/Default.aspx

Hair and  makeup – Lindsay Nixon http://www.nixonmakeup.co.za/


  1. Love the intimacy of this wedding.
    All elements work perfectly together….venue, food, flowers, hair&make-up AND the pictures – gorgeous!

  2. absolutely LOVE this!!!

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