Megs and Just get married

Remember the super sweet couple from this engagement session not so long ago?  This is them looking super amazing on their most lovely of lovely wedding days.  There was sunshine and blossoms, tears and laughter and general awesomeness all round.  We love you guys!

The beautiful Megs.

I love me some blossoms ♥


  1. Just beautiful! Well done Justin & Megs! Your photos are exquisite and you look so happy! May your life together be blessed :)

  2. absolutely stunning photos, you did an amazingly beautiful job:) what a beautiful wedding.

  3. What beautiful pictures! Looks like a day filled with so much love.
    Great Job Alexis!, you caught some amazing memories for the couple.

  4. wendy carruthers says:

    the most amazing photos of a beautiful couple. the happiness and love that they share has been captured so well and of the day …….
    …….thank you alexis for these stunning photos

  5. charmaine & dennis Mccall says:

    Such stunning photos. Well done Alexis. You have given us such wonderful memories to keep looking through. They made the most beautiful wedding couple, thank you so much. You have captured their love for each other so beautifully. Well done Megan and Justin, we love you both.

  6. Absolutely stunning photos! Love! Love! Love! Well done Justin and Megs! You guys are so cute :) Love Sherri

  7. Beeee-ooooo-tiful! Well done, Alexis – you know how to capture the moment. Justin and Meg’s look stunning. It was a wonderful and anointed day. Such a blessing to be able to share that with you guys.

  8. Charmaine McCall says:

    Alexis you did such a beautiful job. Captured the love between Megs and Justin so well. They looked stunning. Great Job!! It was the most stunning day and everyone is still talking about the day. So great to re-live the day through your magnificent photos.

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