Le Roux and Chloë get married

You may remember this sweet couple from their engagement session  not-so-long ago.

2014-01-15_0001 Le Roux and Chloë always pictured a wedding out of the city, somewhere that was green and beautiful.   The Glades was the perfect choice of venue, and they both fell in love with it.

2014-01-15_0002 2014-01-15_0003 2014-01-15_0004 2014-01-15_0005 2014-01-15_0006 2014-01-15_0007 2014-01-15_0008 2014-01-15_0009 Below: The guys getting ready and looking super trendy.  Blue on guys wins every time!

2014-01-15_0010 2014-01-15_0011 2014-01-15_0012 2014-01-15_0013 2014-01-15_0014 2014-01-15_0015 2014-01-15_0016 2014-01-15_0017 2014-01-15_0018 2014-01-15_0019 Chloë went shopping with her family and found a dress she liked very early on in the process and she looked absolutely stunning!!  She also chose peonies for her flowers, soft and elegant, they also happen to be my most favourite flower ever,ever!

2014-01-15_0020 2014-01-15_0021 2014-01-15_0022 2014-01-15_0023 2014-01-15_0024 2014-01-15_0025 2014-01-15_0026 2014-01-15_0027 2014-01-15_0028 In Chloë’s own words:  “Our most memorable moment, was when I walked down the aisle and we saw each other for the first time. Seeing my soon-to-be husband waiting at the end and looking so ecstatic to see me was incredible. It’s a moment that neither of us will ever forget.”

2014-01-15_0029 2014-01-15_0030 2014-01-15_0031 2014-01-15_0032 2014-01-15_0033 2014-01-15_0034 2014-01-15_0035 2014-01-15_0036 2014-01-15_0037 2014-01-15_0038 2014-01-15_0039 2014-01-15_0040 2014-01-15_0041 2014-01-15_0042 2014-01-15_0043 2014-01-15_0044 It started raining a little straight after the ceremony – we all went inside for the cake cutting and by the time we came out for the location shoot, the rain had stopped again.  We got through the whole creative session and it started to rain again as the reception started! Talk about amazing timing!

2014-01-15_0045 2014-01-15_0046 2014-01-15_0047 2014-01-15_0048 2014-01-15_0049 2014-01-15_0050 2014-01-15_0051 2014-01-15_0052 2014-01-15_0053 2014-01-15_0054 2014-01-15_0055 2014-01-15_0056 2014-01-15_0057 2014-01-15_0058 2014-01-15_0059 2014-01-15_0060 2014-01-15_0061 2014-01-15_0062 2014-01-15_0063 Advice from Le Roux and Chloë in their own words: “Try to enjoy planning the wedding together as much as possible. Don’t get too worked up when small things don’t work out, and don’t be afraid to ask people for help when you need it. “ 2014-01-15_0064 2014-01-15_0065 2014-01-15_0066 2014-01-15_0067 2014-01-15_0068 2014-01-15_0069 ….And then the rain really came down!!

2014-01-15_0070 2014-01-15_0071  Le Roux also surprised Chloë by singing a song to her during the reception, it was such a special moment. 2014-01-15_0072 2014-01-15_0073 2014-01-15_0074 2014-01-15_0075 2014-01-15_0076 2014-01-15_0077 2014-01-15_0078

Venue – The Glades http://www.thegladesfarm.co.za
Catering – Food Matters www.foodmatters.co.za
Wedding planner/decor/flowers – Gabi http://www.vanilla-house.co.za
DJ – Steven Heyns The Wedding DJ www.theweddingdj.co.za
Videography – White Motion Films www.whitemotionfilms.com
Band – Beat-route www.beat-route.co.za 
Hair and Make-up – Laura Halgreen
Dress – Enzoani
Groom’s suit – Hilton Weiner


  1. Ahh Lex! What an incredible wedding! You did such a fantastic job as always! My fave is the one with Chloe in LeRoux’s arms & you can see her bare feet! *so cute*

  2. So amazing Alexis! So happy we chose you as our photographer for our upcoming day :)

  3. Yep, it’s decided! You’re doing my wedding photographs!!

  4. absolutely AMAZING!!! magic, magic, magic!!

  5. Cindy Jones says:

    beautiful this, every time that I see something you have photographed i say, “wow, this must be the best” it really is! Xx

  6. You keep getting better is that possible.
    Beautiful venue.

  7. Kerry Nel says:

    What a lovely couple- clearly verrrry in love. Wishing all God’s best for them. Beaut photos- love the close-ups.

  8. Beautiful wedding, who made the bridesmaids dresses they are stunning

  9. Christl Watt says:

    You just NEVER cease to amaze me!!!! These shots are absolutely stunning … do you do 10 year anniversary shoots?? Cos best I work at being able to get back into me wedding dress then … ;) Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful shots Lex! How blessed this couple will be!! :)

  10. What absolutely gorgeous photos! You’ve captured every moment of their journey that day which is just wonderful! Thanks.

  11. What absolutely gorgeous photos! You’ve captured every moment of their journey that day which is just wonderful! Thanks.

  12. what a wonderful day you had so full of love Im so sorry I was missing. We wish you both a very happy life.

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