Kugan and Navi

Kugan and Navi celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Oyster Box Hotel recently. It was a happy day surrounded by family and special friends.

A word from the bride:

“Our story:

We met totally by chance, Kugan asked me out for dinner just as friends. It was a Wednesday evening. I was so excited. I thought that he was handsome right from the start and he was shy and witty but he had the strangest jokes which I just didn’t get. We had our second date on Friday and literally we were inseperable ever since. We saw each other every single day…
Kugan: The things I love about Navi … Navi is the kindest sweetest and most gentle person I ever met. She has an infectious personality; shes amazingly beautiful; and cares for everyone. I love that she loves animals too.
I was always a loner and lived alone for many years and had no idea what I was missing out on till I met Kugan. There was an immediate spark and attraction. The change that everyone noticed was that I was always smiling and happy and always had somewhere to be in the evenings and on weekends instead of at home watching tv or bugging my best friend. Lol. Kugan definitely brought me out of my shell and introduced me to all varieties of wine and food combinations (inside joke) . He’s taught me about patience and listening and what it means to be a friend. He’s made me appreciate all the little things about myself, about us and everything just as it is. He’s a good person in the truest sense of the word with such a big heart and his manners and charm was what won me over right at the beginning, that and his handsomeness ;) he’s charismatic and a gentleman who has always treated me with respect and cares for me with a renewed love everyday. Everyday I’m reminded why finding the right person is magical and what it feels like when you find that missing piece to your puzzle.

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“Proposal story: So it all started with a surprise holiday to Phuket, Thailand. You can imagine my excitement!! We were stopped twice at security because kugan had “something suspicious” in his luggage and both times he told me to walk on ahead without him in the event that i was also detained for whatever reason. all very James Bond- and yes I believed it. Clearly I had no idea what was in store. We reached the hotel, the beautiful Avista hideaway resort nestled on a mountain top overlooking the Andaman sea. The next morning I woke up to a gorgeous Christmas Day which started with a delightful breakfast, a walk around the hotel grounds and an absolutely to die for spa treatment which was actually planned but strangely he made it appear like it was my idea. It was all restful and blissful till Kugan decided to kick phase 2 into action. Out of the blue he was frantic about the hotel not having received payment and he was unable to contact the bank. He insisted I stay behind and not panic as he will handle it… Okay so this is the lengths he has to go through to sneak away from me… Obviously I was not going to stay in the room and wait- who does that?!- I found the private lounge and did some emailing of my own to the bank and siblings. When I returned Kugan was anxiously waiting wondering what happened to me. When he heard of my little escapade he was in shock and horror. Still trying to calm me down he says we need to get ready for dinner. It starts in an hour. I was so overwhelmed by the entire ordeal that dinner seemed rather pointless. However Kugan insisted and about 45minutes later we were practically power walking to the hotel foyer. (I had to buckle my shoe on the way) we reach the rooftop and it was a panoramic delight. There were fairy lights and candles and the view… It was the view! At which point Kugan said were not seated here, we booked late so were on the other side. Lol. My expression was priceless… Thinking we were going to be in a tiny corner somewhere. A young waitron came to fetch us and when I walked around the pillar I was completely in shock! I was rooted to the ground. There were flowers and rose petals and something written on the grass and candles everywhere. My mind was racing. I was still confused… Though Bruno Mars was playing “marry you”, I caught somewhere between realization and deafness. Then Kugan went down on one knee and then it hit me… Kind of… I was crying uncontrollably and rather loudly but managed a Yes. I barely heard myself and the sight of the huge shiny pear shaped engagement ring just distracted me from that point on. It had my complete undivided attention and I just knew we were going to be together forever (and Kugan as well). Still trembling from shock and excitement, the young waiter congratulated us handed me a stunning bouquet and took pictures of us standing under the sunset. Yes, there were many pictures of me and my ring from all angles- we just couldn’t waste such beautiful natural night. We had an amazing private dinner complete with chef and butler. The tears didn’t end. I was unbelievably happy and the night just continued to get better..

I have to say though… Was there ever a time when I suspected something was amiss? The answer is yes- when Kugan stopped at the airport stores to buy a “good camera” which sent up red flags in my mind immediately as he is the biggest Apple fan I’ve ever met and he thinks iPhone is amazing and takes the best pictures and can possibly turn the microwave on as well as communicate to Jedi warriors…. Yes yes I know I should’ve suspected it at the airport when I was fed the James Bond cover up but oddly enough that one was believable. Lol.

Kugan: She was completely surprised! I went down on one knee and before I knew it tears rolled down my cheeks. The words came out ” Navi, I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you… Will you marry me?” The setting was unbelievable with the sky painted in a hundred different colours of sunset. I will never forget that moment for as long as i live. Thankfully there was a “Yes!” during the tears of joy! That was our fairytale proposal in Phuket. It set the stage for the wedding at the Oyster Box in April 2016. “

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The wedding day: everyone knows the drama and chaos that goes into planning One Big Special Day. There was stress, tension, moments of excitement and happiness and moments of sheer delusion and somewhere in between just confusion and cake. The first item ticked off my list rather quickly was the cake! After visiting 15 stores for a dress I finally found one for my OBSD. (That’s not a gastro term) if my Escada shoes could talk, it would tell a story far better and juicier than me, like how Kugans were Armani, but mine were still fairytale epic!
Time woke up: 9:35am
Date:Sunday April 10
Venue: oyster box hotel
Magic starts: 10am… Anusha (MC) first one at the door, and ready for action. Next the floodgate opened with my make up artists kendyl and rest of my storm troopers arriving. In the middle of all the pampering we were smiling here and there hoping that the photographer Alexis and videographer Dave would get our good side all the while not knowing that we know that they are there. We gave them the best natural poses ever.
Half time: Kugan and his entourage arrived and took the cameras away from us. No doubt giving handshakes in front of his Porsche which made a lot of air time.
Crunch time: my ring bearer Keyur is looking perfect, my flower girls Vinny and Sumi are flawless and my bridesmaids were Ace of Spades.
Right on time there was a knock at the door, Ginny was ready and all systems go. My brother Des was walking me down the aisle and was with me the entire time making sure that I didn’t forget anything and was just being calm as always. My awesome twosome led the way and Des and I started our slow stroll to the gazebo. We had a 3minute pit stop to the alter for blessings from Aunt Prema and we were off again.  It was a Stop. Breathe. Exhale. Inhale. In any order moment.




“The gazebo was spectacular. Red and white roses. White draping. Ganesha statues at the entrance. It was a cacophony of bright beautiful colours everywhere. My entrance music stopped playing and I stood next to Kugan and entered the gazebo for what was a glorious traditional celebration. With Kugans parents Logan and Dhamenthie to our left and Des and Aruna to our right, giving us their blessings and wishing us every happiness was perfect and unforgettable. “



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“Our guests were the best. From 2pm till midnight. Our guests were incredible and made every moment special and we were so happy to share our OBSD with them especially those that hired grandparents, I mean babysitters just so that they could stay till the end. “

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“We had an awesome photoshoot, with bridesmaids Anusha Eva Kumesh and Aruna. By this point my crew was au fait with the camera and natural light and were striking some seriously cover mag shots. When it came time for Kugans groomsmen to steal the spotlight, they most certainly did- with everything looking very handsome and straight out of Casino Royale with their very chic designer suits. Kugan and I had our own little mini getaway photoshoot without forgetting to include some of our besties. “


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“Whilst everyone was enjoying the pre reception, I was changing into my dress with Kumesh and Aruna trying to get me ready in under 15minutes. Big challenge! The funniest and sweetest moment was Dave watching us trying to figure this dress out… It had parts to it. Lol.

And again like clockwork my ring bearer did a quick wardrobe change as well into his suit and was holding my train as I walked down the corridor for our big entrance. Kugan and I met in the foyer and walked together hand in hand up the winding staircase, U2 Everlasting Love blasting from the Pearl a Room and dj Vivian announcing MR and Mrs for the first time was the perfect intro to what can only be described as one of the most beautiful picture perfect settings. The reception was classic in white and vintage gold with ornate finishes and personalized napkins personalized menus, personalized lots of things and the flowers… Beautiful flowers. Sue created center pieces that were just beautiful. Everything looked wonderful. We had our MC Anusha entertaining the guests with special messages from Ryan Logie and San. kumesh Saneshan Ashwanth and Carolyn gave heartfelt speeches and Monica gave a delightful toast. Thank you to these special people. Let’s not forget Kugans vote of thanks where he played Stevie wonders “isn’t she lovely” just for me… Sigh
And of course we had an opening dance… We nailed it! Aerosmith- don’t wanna miss a thing, the only thing missing was Dave’s drone which would have been an awesome aerial shot. (the drone received a lot of attention and wowed everyone- the big kids and small ones) there was the cutting of the Four tiered cake which was heavenly. And lastly we danced. We partied the night to the end. We celebrated with friends and family and even managed to get some photos at the end with you guessed it.. The Porsche.
As everyone exited with the gorgeous center pieces the fabulous night drew to an end I was overwhelmed and so happy that it really was a fairytale wedding and I made it till the end in my Escada gold heels and my stunning red bouquet with pearl detail. (In case any one didn’t notice, the theme was Pearls) … Fabulous!”

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Venue: Oyster Box Hotel

Hair and Makeup : Kendyl McPherson

Flowers and Decor: Sue Baxter

Wedding coordinator: Ginny Eslick

Video: Dave Atkinson


  1. Congratulations!simply stunning! An amazing fairytale. .love to you both always!

    • Thanks Monica! Thank you for the lovely toast and for always being such a special friend. Love always :)

  2. And they lived happily ever after…

  3. Spectacular……Simply Spectactular. Looking at these phtotos makes you re-live the event all over again. Such a great event but so much of warmth and closeness. Thank you Navi and Kugan for being so kind to share these with us. With Love, Eva

    • Thank you Eva. You made it special for us. There was so much love on that day, we felt it even before the wedding began. What an amazing family- the support and warmth from everyone was such a blessing to walk into the new chapter of our lives with. Love you …Navi and Kugan

  4. Nishani & Frank says:

    Congrats you two! It was indeed a fairytale wedding and may you both have an eternal happy ever after in this life and the next! Much love!

  5. Thank you both. What amazing friends to have. Happy for us right from the beginning, always supportive and partied till the curtains came down. Frank- beautiful speech. And that apple watch-lol.. Kugans a lucky guy. Nishani-gorgeous. There can be No end to the wonderful things Kugan has to say about his closest and dearest friend Frank! (And Suveer-lol-sharing the love) Love to you both. Navi and Kugan

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