Kevin and Jasmine

 Kevin and Jasmine got married in New York City late last year and decided to have another celebration with their South African friends and family this year – you guys were totally awesome! I love that your day was so chilled, that you spent time together on the morning of your wedding – oh and that there wasn’t a ceremony. I love that you love each other the way you do and find each other so funny :) It was such a treat to photograph your day! 2015-05-15_0001 ​Jasmine and Kevin chose the lovely Oyster Box Hotel to celebrate their second wedding  <3

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Kevin, how did you and Jasmine meet?

“It was a barmy Shanghai evening and I had just completed an intense game of dodge ball and had agreed to replenish my thirst with some of the members of the team at one of Shanghai’s more prestigious bars. It was at this bar I was approached by Jasmine being told how good I looked in shorts. I befreinded this woman who offered up such flattery and accepted her business card. Jasmine had only been in the city a month and was hoping to expand her group of friends. It was only two months later following friendly texts we met at one of my good friends birthday parties and to introduce her to my Shanghai clique, to which I recieved encouragment from fellow acquaintances and friends, a lady of such class should not be here alone. Motivated by such encouragement I allowed Jasmine to pursue accordingly. As they say the rest is history.”

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Jasmine, tell us how you met Kevin?

How we met?  Well, I remember it as if it was just yesterday. The year was 2011, it was a perfect autumn evening and having recently relocated to the “the Paris of the East” for only 2 short months I was very living my expat life to the fullest…. yup, living and working in PuDong was every workaholics dream. Walking distance from the office (very accomodating for the long working hours), no local cheap eateries (keeps the hooligans out), and of course bar and restaurant scene is non-existence (who needs a social life.. when you have work!!) Having being dragged by a bestie from NY, we trooped our way to the other side of the river to a lounge called “the apartment”. Being approached by annoying drunk men is nothing new, but somehow this full figured guy with a failed attempt of long hair got my attention.  Several minutes of not so interesting chit chat took place and I gave him my biz card as a polite closure.  Months passed and endless texts for drink invites, I finally agreed to meet Kevin again.  Who would have guessed the short term assignment in Shanghai lead to a life jorney with a man with the fake british accent.

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