James and Penny

James and Penny’s ceremony was held at a Catholic church in Pinetown.  I was given very strict instructions by the priest as soon as we arrived to remain in one spot and not move at all – (I think maybe he had had his share of ‘in-your-face photographers’).  So you do what you can… and while he was praying, I managed to sneak my second camera to Shan my assistant so she could snap a quick shot from the back.  Dark clouds were looming after the ceremony and it was a race back to the Oyster Box.  When we got there the clouds seemed a little more friendly and after a little welcome drink for Penny and James we continued on with the photo’s.  Penny and James were great to work with and were relaxed and happy together.  Another great wedding at the Oyster Box!

Kids keeping themselves entertained. These guys were so cool!  “Look at my Spiderman tattoo!”


  1. Anne Evans says:

    Thank you for the outstanding pictures of your very special day – I was so lucky to be with you and to meet your excellent choose of life partner, I wish you all the joy of Happy times together. Lots of Hugs from Bev and Meooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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