Hugh and Bianca


Hugh and Bianca tied the knot at the beautiful Oyster Box Hotel.  These guys absolutely adore each other and really just had fun on their wedding day.

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Bianca what were your first impressions of Hugh? 

“Cocky, confident, intelligent and sexy as hell”

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Hugh what were your first impressions of Bianca? 

“Fiesty with a wicked sense of humour and smokin’ hot”

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Bianca tell us about your dress.

“My dress was the complete opposite of what I set out to find ;) I went to two dress shops and in both stipulated from the get go “I do not want a fishtail gown anywhere near me” then on my 3rd shop visit I said much the same thing and the cheeky shop assistant snuck my dress into the mix. I was quite hesitant to even try it on but once she managed to get me into it, It was ‘love at first sight’ for me, my mom and my mother-in-law to be. I felt like a princess and quickly cancelled my appointments for later on in the day. I had also stipulated NO veil and the veil was just the icing on the cake – I absolutely loved my dress and on our wedding day, just before leaving my room to walk down the isle, I realised that my dress was covered in four leaf clovers and marrying and Irishman, this was providence. “

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Hugh what were you thinking as Bianca walked down the isle towards you? 

“Bianca was walking down the isle to Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe, Barcelona, as she turned the corner to be in my line of sight the lyrics played “you took my breath away” and I was overcome with joy. When I saw her I realised that I was the luckiest guy in the world and she was the most beautiful bride in the world.”

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I absolutely love Bianca’s expression in this pic below!!

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Did anything funny or memorable happen on your wedding day?

“During the ceremony the wind decided to pick up which proved very difficult in lighting the unity candle. We had every groomsmen, all six of them, huddled around us to create a small wind shield. So with a little help from our friends we managed to get the candle lit, which lasted all of a few seconds lol “

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Why did you pick the Oyster Box Hotel as your wedding venue?

“We love the feel/atmosphere/smell of the hotel and that it is 100 % unique. My mom has personal ties to the hotel as her mother worked in it while she was a small child and she spent a lot of her time in The Oyster Box. I have grown up on her stories about the Oyster Box and somehow feel connected to it. “

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Bianca how did Hugh propose?

“Hugh had flown up to London ahead of me and I joined a few days later. On arrival I knew something was ‘up’ but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The following day,over breakfast, Hugh told me to dress up as we “might go somewhere nice for lunch”. This was very strange to me as if you go anywhere ‘nice’ in London you need to book, coupled with the huge grin on his face and numerous phone calls he was receiving over a ‘shaving kit to be sent up to the room’, there was definitely something funny going on. Hugh proposed in the room of our hotel, down on one knee ;) followed by a car to take us to a jeweller to choose the ring and onto lunch at the Kensington roof Gardens, overlooking London. One of the most amazing experiences of my life – he really couldn’t have done it any better!”

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Any advice to future brides planning their wedding day?
“My advice: I would definitely advise on starting with a budget and stick to it as costs will run away with you. I also found that time pressure, 6 months, worked in my favor. There is just so much choice out there, that having a shorter time to plan the wedding helped me make quick decisions.
Hughs advice: Find a great wedding venue and the rest will fall into place.”


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Service Providers:

Wedding coordinator – Ginny Eslick from The Oyster Box Hotel 
Videographer – Paul Railton of Stream line productions!events/cl3g
DJ – Clynt Lund of Top Jocks
Cake: Nicole – Nicoles Luxury Handmade Indulgences
Florist: Sue Baxter –
Make-up & Hair artist: Volenti of Nixon makeup –
Minister: Marc Arlt
Dress –  Olivelli:


  1. Hey Alexis, we are absolutely over the moon! You really captured the moment, thanks so much!
    Absolutely excellent photos! :)

  2. I would recommend Alexis to any couple wanting to tie the knot, she was absolutely amazing and extremely professional. Couldn’t be any happier with the results.

    Thank-you Alexis, you have far exceeded my expectations.

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