Guy And Gen get married

Guy and Gen had one of the most beautiful ceremony locations I think I have ever seen and perfect weather to go with it! It was a stunning celebration of love and we absolutely adored being a part of it and meeting such special people throughout the day.

2014-04-04_0001 2014-04-04_0002 2014-04-04_0003 2014-04-04_0004 2014-04-04_0005 2014-04-04_0006 2014-04-04_0007 2014-04-04_0008 2014-04-04_0009 2014-04-04_0010 2014-04-04_0011 2014-04-04_0012 2014-04-04_0013 2014-04-04_0014 2014-04-04_0015 2014-04-04_0016 2014-04-04_0017 2014-04-04_0018 2014-04-04_0019 2014-04-04_0020 2014-04-04_0021 2014-04-04_0022 How did you both meet?  “My parents met on the verandah of some friends from school 38 years ago in the small town of Himeville. My parents now live in Himeville and I was visiting them for Christmas in 2012. Guy was visiting his sister, who married a farmer from Himeville, and on the 23rd of December we went to a Christmas cocktail party which is held every year on the same verandah on which my parents met. We both noticed eachother before we were introduced. A few tasty glasses of punch later we were introduced and the rest is history

2014-04-04_0023 2014-04-04_0024 2014-04-04_0025 2014-04-04_0026 2014-04-04_0027 2014-04-04_0028 2014-04-04_0029 2014-04-04_0030 2014-04-04_0031

What has been your favourite date so far as a couple?  “Our 2nd date was both of our favourite. I was living not far from Giants Castle, out in the sticks, at the time, and I went down to Durban to see my Gran and of course to meet up with Guy. He picked me up from my Gran’s and we went down to the Umhlanga promenade for a walk. We sat out on the pier and chatted for ages. It started to rain, but we didn’t want the moment to end so we walked along the promenade and kissed in the rain. This was a turning point for us. We realised how well we got on, how much we enjoyed eachothers company and that this was definitely something worth pursuing.”

2014-04-04_0032 2014-04-04_0033 2014-04-04_0034 2014-04-04_0035 2014-04-04_0036 2014-04-04_0037 2014-04-04_0038 2014-04-04_0039 2014-04-04_0040 2014-04-04_0041 2014-04-04_0042 2014-04-04_0043 What was the most memorable moment at your wedding?  “The most memorable moment in our wedding was committing our lives to each other. As we held hands and looked into each others eyes, the rest of the world did not exist or matter. Also having so many friends and family from near and far to share our day with us. (I also quite enjoyed that Rhodes beat Maritzburg Varsity in a sneaky boat race :) hee hee)

2014-04-04_0044 2014-04-04_0045 2014-04-04_0046 2014-04-04_0047 2014-04-04_0048 2014-04-04_0049 2014-04-04_0050 2014-04-04_0051 2014-04-04_0052 2014-04-04_0053

“We love spending time together, we love adventuring together. We appreciate each others kind and caring nature. We love the intellectual stimulation of each others company, and we love building each other up and the confidence we get from one another. We love everything about each other. We love that we have a similar outlook on life and that our relationship is simple, happy and uncomplicated.

2014-04-04_0054 2014-04-04_0059 2014-04-04_0055 2014-04-04_0057 2014-04-04_0056 2014-04-04_0058 2014-04-04_0060 2014-04-04_0061 2014-04-04_0062 2014-04-04_0063

“We are so excited about living our lives together and all of the adventures that we’re going to enjoy. We are so blessed to have a best friend to go through life’s ups and downs together with.”

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  1. Beautiful location beautiful pics.

  2. Awesome Alexis!

  3. Christl Watt says:

    Wow, how beautiful are these memories?! You did it again, Lex! Awesome shots. Really stunning! :)

  4. Location, location, location! Just LOVE it all

  5. Desiree Dales says:

    My absolute best is the little poppet in the red gumboots. Toooo cute!!

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