Derek and Tessa

Derek and Tessa were friends for over ten years before really noticing each other one New Years Eve in the Cape 3 years ago.  Although distance kept them apart with Derek living in London and Tessa in Durban, they made it work against the odds and even went on a 3 month South American adventure together.  It was a hardcore trip with many challenges but their love grew from strength to strength and they realised just how much they loved each other.

For the proposal Derek surprised Tessa with a horse trail adventure through a game reserve including spa treatments.  What a legend!

The wedding day was a beautiful and glamorous affair held at Tessa’s parents house.  Intimate, personal and so special, a truly lovely day.

You guys are amazing and we loved spending your special day with you.  What a treat.

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  1. Sharlene Taylor says:

    Wow, precious moments caught on camera:)

  2. Hilary Steven-Jennings says:

    Oh Wow ! The photies are amazing and really worth the wait – am really looking forward to having some in my possession ! Such wonderful memories to cherish.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Alexis….these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Such love and happiness in each and every pic…..Well Done. :)

  4. Amanda Nginda says:

    Tessa you make a stunning bride.
    Lovely wedding, congratulations! :)

  5. marieke' says:

    soooooo gorgeous.

  6. Matsela says:

    Tessa these photos are amazing really unforgetable moments :-*

  7. The Cohens says:

    Looks like an absolutely amazing affair. Stunning photographs. Wish we could have been there. lots of congratulations and love.

    The Cohens

  8. Gill Clack says:

    Such amazing pictures – wonderful to see!! xxx

  9. Dave And Kay says:

    The photos are beautiful. Makes us sad that we were unable to attend, but looks like you had a memorable day.

  10. Kim Wentzel says:

    Now that you are tied with each other,
    May your love bloom more and brighter,
    Respect, care and devotion,
    Keep the love and attraction.
    Congratulation on your wedding!

  11. Carol Parker says:

    The Photos are fantastic, you are a natural, wishing you both a long and healty precious life, whens the patter of feet coming?

  12. Virgillatte says:

    Beautiful Tess wow! Congratulations and may God be within this marriage forever and always

  13. Stunning photo’s sorry I missed my special friend special day xxx

  14. Awesome! Amazing! Beautiful! One of the happiest days I can recall!

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