Denash and Lisa

It was a pleasure chatting to Denash and Lisa in the build up to their wedding as they are both so lovely and easy-going :)  Their day was fuss-free and beautiful.  They are also probably the most punctual couple I have ever met (extra bonus points!!!)  Wishing you guys all best for your future together, you make a great team ♥


  1. Hi Alexis , thank you these photos are stunning ,so you enjoy making us cry !!!!!!!!!.We cant wait to see the rest,thank you for being so patient and accomodating for both the weddings .We will surely recommend you to our family and friends.
    Cheers and God Bless ,proud parents of the most gorgeous bride.
    Brian and Pam

  2. Alexis there is only one word to describe you …. GENIUS! You have captured this beautiful moment in our lives I.e the wedding of two beautiful souls, so magically. These photos capture Denash and Lisa’s love for each other and I am sure you had such fun doing this photo shoot. They are both so spontaneous. Thank you so much Alexis. You did such an amazing job! We can only imagine what the rest of the pictures are like. With these pics there should be no problem for my bro to make the cover of GQ magazine… He is such a hottie….. :-)
    Warm Regards,
    Romantha and Family

  3. Hi Alexis – the likes of bollywood has nothing on you. Brilliantly done these photos are AWESOME. People definitely come into our lives for a reason but these sensational photo’s shows you’ll be there to stay. You have captured this event which reflects so much love, Dean and punctuality who would have guessed, which shows that on this fairy tale day of his, he would have made sure everything went picture perfectly. Good choice in the bride bro’ great genes you both have. Welcome to the family once again Lee be ready for some quite nights as Dean jet sets off for the big time. Excellent photos..

  4. Simone&Akash says:

    Wow, this is truly a masterpiece, it is so beautiful, unique and creative!!
    Lisa and Denash , u guys look absolutely stunning.. These pix are totally mind-blowing and awsome..

    To Alexis, u have excelled all expectations, u r brilliant and i hope that u are available for our wedding :) You are indeed very creative, and ur work is totally awsome. Keep it up!

  5. beautiful….nothing better than love…great photo’s….keep it real D and Lisa

  6. Lisa and Denash, thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos with me! I really appreciate it and love seeing you on your Special Day! Lisa you looked so beautiful. May you both share a lifetime of love, happiness amnd friendship xxx

  7. An astonishing couple, a fairytale wedding for a special angel .

  8. Who was the brides hair and make up stylist?? excellent work and would love to have her at my wedding.

  9. The photos are work of a masterpiece who resembles the perfect couple. All the best Lisa and Denash. It was a delight to spend this special day with your whole family.

  10. Kimmy Govender says:

    It’s said that…You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her….Denash & Lisa, these pictures are proof enough. Absolutely breath-taking pictures. Koodos to the magician behind the camera and Cheers to the newly weds.
    Hope your everyday is a happily ever-after boo ;)

  11. Alexis Diack says:

    Thanks for all the comments ♥♥♥ Such a special couple!

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